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Default Boat - No Title - Texas

Need some advice! I was awarded a Regal Ski Boat in a divorce 8 years ago. Ex was supposed to pay off lien but didnít.

Texas recently changed law and canít get tags as there is a lien.

Lienholder charged this off of my exís credit years ago and they will not talk to me to resolve as Iím not on the lien.

Im now stuck with a boat I canít get tags or a title for? Any suggestions?!? Any states allow to sell with just a bill of sale or allow tag registration without title?!? is offline  
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You could re-marry your wife, pay off the loan, and then get a title.
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Seems like the court judgement would come into play. This is a time to contact an attorney and not a forum best of luck!
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Default .

As someone whoís fairly new to Texas Iíll have to say boat and trailer titles and registration here are much more difficult than elsewhere. One idea may be to buy a ďprojectĒ boat and trailer with good for the trailer I know some register out of state. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

Arizona is a non title state for watercraft

Maine is a state with friendly trailer laws
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Pretty much all the rules and regulations are here:
Forms are here:
Sounds like what you need is a Release of Lien, but that is easier said than done. pwd_231_a0900_release_of_lien_vessel_outboard_motor.pdf

Pretty unique of luck.
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You could file for a bonded title as the bank basically abandoned the boat on your property. Itís a process and requires you to post a bond once you go through the steps but it might get you the title and get the boat in your name permanently. Likely anything else is going to be a challenge if thereís even another option. Call tpw and explain the situation ( no need to tell them who you are ) they are usually very willing to help point you in the right direction.

Its worth the hassle to get the titles in your name. Otherwise itís a doorstop. You canít register it or sell it, hell you canít even legally dump it.

call them and see if they can help. They wonít do it for you but can tell you what to do step by step.

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And please let us know how it works out! I have titled a few boats in TX including some from states that don't issue titles. It's a PITA but just requires patience. You are going to need a lot of that.

Good luck.

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Texas is almost impossible to title a boat with no title. Might be easiest to give it to a friend in Oklahoma or Louisiana, have them get everything legal and buy it back from them for the trouble. Not your situation but it's even hard to give away a boat with no title in Texas. I have long thought that having a partner in another state to title boats that I can pick up free in Texas might be a worthwhile venture. Last free boat I got I was lucky to sell to a guy passing through from Arizona. So many old boats passed around with not title, some with potential, what a waste. Good luck let us know what you decide.
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No titles in Alabama...
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Default Texas

In Texas the DPS and Texas Parks and Wildlife consider every thing you tell them is a lie until you can prove different.
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Register it in Delaware. No titles and no sales tax. Problem solved
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