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So when will you call it a season?


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I used to store with full tanks until my very trusted boat mechanic told me otherwise. He said keep as little as possible in the tanks and use stabil on whats left in there. Rationale - 1) My tanks have a layer of insulation which keeps them from condensing much if at all, and if you have proper breathers on the tanks they don't move much air unless you're running and sucking fuel so pretty much you have the moisture that's in there already and that's it. 2) My tanks are aluminum.

On CON of full tanks that he's seen countless times is that people fill to the top in the cold months, then when the warm weather comes we see's hulls with gas dribbling out of their breathers due to expansion.
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Oct 29th.. wish the marina stayed open till mid November..
I should have fished today dang it..
20 trips so far, 449 thru the box..
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My last two salmon/trout charters are this weekend then my wife and I usually spend one weekend in Sarnia and have the whole place to ourselves. I have 2 bridges to wait for and they aren't manned after Nov 1 so that's our deadline. Walleye boat stays in until they quit biting. Last two years has been Dec 13.
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Today was the day. Usually go into early December, but found out a few days ago I will be gone most of November. Did an oil & filer change, lower unit fluid change, water pump impeller, fogged it, drained wash down and baitwell lines, and added stabilizer to a full fuel tank. Hated to give up this early, but didn’t want to get caught if the weather really went haywire before I get back in early December. I guess there is always next year.
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my on board charger took a chit, my 5 + year old trollling motor batteries took chit due to former problem. New onboard charger be here tomorrow. Picked up to new Duracell AGM batteries at Sams club Hope to have it all back together by Sunday and ready for next week!!!
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Originally Posted by Sky Blue H2O View Post
Nice boats guys. The season at my marina in southern Wisconsin (first photo) ends October 15. The weather there in September and October is usually glorious and the crowds are gone, so I'm going to try to use it as much as possible until then. Then it goes into shrink wrap hibernation over the winter. If I had an outbuilding to store it in, I would continue to use in into November - we have a second full set of canvas for those chilly days (second photo). Cheers!

Florida boater here, how is the fuel burn with that sweet 150 Mercury?
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This weekend. Deer season starts soon, gotta get her packed up so can change gears and get the archery skills warmed back up.
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Last Weekend. We put just under 600 hours on her which was amazing because I had the most weather cancellations I’ve ever had. Our Chicago partner boat was about 50 more hours.

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