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Default Rent boat out of season? Suggestions?

One of my customers that lives south of Columbus asked me if I knew of any boat rentals for late and/or early season fishing on the lake. I told him I wasn't aware of any now days but there used to be a few places to rent boats but not any more.

I had a 19' StarCraft aluminum boat that I used for early and late season fishing but after not hardly using it for 4 years I sold it. The last 2 seasons the weather was horrible after early November and I couldn't get out if I wanted to. The latest I ever got out perch fishing was on my birthday in mid December. I had to break ice to get the boat down the ramp but I got out and it was a great perch fishing day. Note to someone that may consider doing this......the ice will rip your trailer lights right off!

I was talking to him about options and he suggested posting an ad on Craig's List to see if anyone would rent us a boat after I pull mine out for the season? Does anyone here on THT have a boat we could rent or know of a boat that can be rented? A 14' - 18' with outboard, a center console would be good. I don't care what the boat looks like as long as the trailer is ok and the boat runs good. I know don't what a good cost would be to rent such a boat, does anyone else?

Other options would be to go on a charter or find another fisherman that has an outboard boat set up to run in cold weather that we could go with?
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due to liability issues, I doubt you'll find any individual willing to "rent " you a small boat. If you go on OGF there are several guys that run Rangers/Starcrafts with outboards that you could probably charter with.
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Yeah I was thinking about the liability BS too. Hell I would sign something releasing the boat owner from any form of liability but it's not likely worth the effort.

I guess my best option is using my brothers 14' aluminum boat but it has a flat bottom so if there is even a 6" wave I am going to feel it. I will just have to only go on calm days and go very slow. The good thing is the later in the season the closer the perch come to shore. I have tied off of the breakwall @ the end of the channel @ Anchor Point in December fishing in just 6' of water. Caught some of the largest perch I have ever seen and only about a 1/4 mile off shore.
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I checked the web for rentals in Vermillion and Avon Lake. Both had them some years back (v-hull aluminum 16 footers) but I don't see them now. Perhaps due to insurance costs or just plain abuse by the renters they must have gone by the wayside.
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