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Default Fishing Trouble

I have a boat which I keep at a marina on lake St Claire. It has been kept there last two years as I have tried to learn fishing on this lake. I used to have a bass boat and fished mainly anchor bay back in the mid 90s. I was pretty good at catching fish back then but a injury forced me to quit. A few years ago I finely was able to fish again and bought a 25 foot cc with which I have been trying to relearn fishing on this lake. The lake is very different now and I have been having a very hard time catching fish. I do not use live bait but would consider it if that was the only way. The problems I am having include locating fish and dealing with floating weeds. Casting spinnerbaits to into weeds, reeds, and other structure was a sure ticket back in the 90s but has not produced for me now. Lipless cranks like rattletraps were very effective back then but not much luck now. Everybody raves about dropshotting but I find it boring and I have had no luck when I tried it. The floating weeds in this lake make it impossible to fish it with lures and I think this is a huge factor in my frustration. The parts of the lake that do not have many floating weeds seem to also not hold many fish. I am debating moving my boat to lake Erie as I know the fishing there is good and no floating weeds to deal with. Should I give this lake another try next season or should I just keep my boat on lake Erie?
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What species fish are you Targeting? I'm not familiar with fishing lake St. Clair but perhaps you could hire a guide and specify a "learning trip" ??

I'm assuming you live in Michigan? If I were going to fish Lake Erie, I'd want to be around the Island area. You can normally catch perch or walleye in that area all season. Might be a commute for you though.
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I like catching anything although smallies are the most fun. The lakes have changed a lot since I fished then in the 90s and I have not been able to adjust yet. I think hiring a guide is a good idea also.
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If it’s smallies your after hit the mile roads, this time of year anywhere from 12-14 fow. But they will be moving in closure soon as the water cools. I haven’t been able to get out in the last few weeks but through most of September out by the cans I was catching good numbers of 4 – 5 lbs fish. Drift / casting tubs seems to work well, swimbaits with anything that looks like a peach also works.

Might want to check out this link, Justin normally puts out a fishing report every few weeks..

Hope this helps.
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