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Originally Posted by NYorkerinDetroit View Post
3. Looks like there is a fairly heavy premium on great lakes boats. Would any of you consider a salt water boat and if so and what price point does it make sense? I understand they're cheaper because of maintenance but at what point does it become a deal?
To me.. A salt water boat does not make sense in this area. The major factor is the corrosion factor on the engines, pump, generators. (and expenses to fix / replace them) That is why Fresh Water boats carry a premium. Add to the fact that most fresh water boats are in the water six months at most, the hours are usually lower, thus the wear and tear on the boat as a whole are generally less.

Unless you are buying new. I would not be afraid to look at older (90's) boats in fresh water.

And before I get blasted. Yes I had salt water boats, and boated in Salt Water before.
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Welcome to Mich. NYorker.. Don’t let Lake St. Clair intimidate you too much, we got our first boat just a few years ago and we slip it on LSC. I surely is a learning experience but just use good common sense and be safe, (especially with kids) and you’ll be fine…

If you looking to use the boat as a cabin on the water then you will probably need to look at cursers in the 28’-30’ range, ya that may sound big for your first boat but your wife will appreciate it. That lake can get pretty choppy particular on the weekend. Our first boat is a 27’ Amberjack and after a few years we are already thinking about up sizing… and keep in the back of your mind, wide is always better… It will really help smooth out the ride….

All marinas offer winter storage, if you do get something around 30’ you won’t want that in your driveway anyway. I tried that my first winter, it wasn’t more than two week before the wife told me to get it out of there….

If you do decide to go the lake St. Clair rout I recommend slipping the boat… check the marinas around the nautical mile, the a several nice ones and it’s a straight shot down I-696… Anchor bay area also has some nice one but from where you are located they may take a bit longer to get to… In other words the quicker you can get to you boat the more likely you are to use it…

When you searching look for something Clean, Clean, Clean… I think this improves the chances that the mech. maintenance has been keep up.

Good Luck to you.

Post pics when you get one…
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You have moved to one of the greatest boating areas in the US, IMHO....Get you a boat!!!! Most fun you can have with your clothes on. You have Lake Erie Islands, you have the Detroit River of course, you have Lake St. Clair, you have the St.Clair River, Harsens Island, further up, Port Huron and Sarnia....Great choice!!! Have fun. Kids will love it too.
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Originally Posted by JasperDog View Post
i guess I would advise that you spend this fall visiting all the marinas you can and investigate both Lake St. CLair and the inland lakes.

I know Pine Lake has some spots for storage and there are others. Lake St. Clair has every level of boat accomodation from basic to posh.

Not sure how old your kids are but when mine were 8 to 18 we spent a lot more time on the wake/ski boats than the bigger boats. I was fortunate to have both and have them in northern Michigan as well but if I was picking one boat it would have been the littler one.

I did spend many,many hours on Lake St. Clair in my younger days, mostly fishing and hunting, and mostly in Canada. That situation is different now.
Yep...WAY different. Too much traffic for me.

Back in the 1960's we could waterski from Selfridge over to the Snye river.

I'm spoiled by the Les Cheneaux islands.

If I was boating LSC today, I'd go to the St.Claire river
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Originally Posted by chevyzkk View Post
Must go to jobbie nooner at least once no kids!!
Lori would show him what jobbie is all about. lol
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If you have not yet purchased a boat, I can attest to this boat as a great family boat as I owned one. Huge aft cabin (sleeps 2 adults or 2-3 children, fold down dinette with cushions for another bed and a nice sized forward v bunk):
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