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Russ get certified then go south, Key's- Bahamas- Cozumel ect. I might be selling my equiptment. I would suggest a Niagara River drift dive if you ever get the chance. New Wave is a good shop plus if you are retired and dock in the area you could work lessons in,
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Great Lakes are famous for shipwreck diving.

Some wrecks may be located within recreational depths and diving wet during the Summer is possible but for any sort of serious wreck diving in the Great Lakes, you will need to dive dry. Basic open water cert is first along with getting some actual experience diving. If you still like what you are experiencing seek an advanced open water cert, basic nitrox and if the goal is diving in the Great Lakes, it's time for a dry suit and training how to use it correctly. Dive a lot,gaining more experience and then seek advanced nitrox and deco procedures training.

The basic cert, advanced open water and dry suit training can be had through just about any dive shop located in a place where it gets cold. Advanced nitrox and deco procedures training, will need to happen with a shop that does technical dive training. If the end goal is shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes, I would start with a shop that offers both rec & tech training with you getting to know the shop & instructors and they you.

If your serious about diving in the Great Lakes I would only train with a shop that does their open water training in that environment. You can always go warm and clear if you've been trained to dive in murky & cold, the other way does not work well.

Bad idea to go on a vacation to Florida or Mexico, get certified there to come back and dive in the Great Lakes.

Be fore warned shipwreck diving can be addictive and is a very easy hobby to pour LOT of $$$ and time into.

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I dive fresh water around Toledo, but I've never dove Lake Erie. I've always wanted to, I just never got around to it.

Depending on where you're located, Sea Level Scuba in Northwood OH is a top notch facility. Dale Musser is the owner and is a very good and safety oriented instructor.

Dale also runs many trips out of his shop. I know this year they had some trips on Lake Michigan (Chicago), and up in Port Sanilac. They are big on wreck diving. I took a trip with them a few years back to Lake Ontario in Canada. Very nice dives and unbelievable old wrecks. A lot of the wrecks in the great lakes (other than the western basin) you will need a deep diver certification. It's just another class, not difficult, and it opens up your options for wreck diving.

I don't know if you've taken any steps toward getting certified yet, but if you haven't, I would give him a call.

That being said, New Wave scuba out of Port Clinton OH is the dive shop that is most likely to dive in the lake. I've been meaning to get with them to go out one day, but it just hasn't happened. The best fresh water diving around Toledo is Whitestar Park in Gibsonburg OH. That's where you will take your open water certification. This time of year is perfect for getting certified as the water is still rather warm. I dive in a drysuit, but you won't have that luxury for getting certified.
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I second everything Sloch24 said about Dale. He certified me last spring and was a great instructor. His group does dives at the quarry every Wednesday and Sunday and he welcomes anyone to come during his classes. Unfortunately, I don't ever get to make it out during the week and I am on Catawba every weekend so its hard to leave the lake for a quarry. If a group ever wants to get together and go diving around the islands I am game. I know visibility isn't the greatest but its good just to be breathing underwater.
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