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Default Champlain electronic charts?

What are the best/cheapest electronic charts for Champlain? I don't mean charts to retrofit to an existing GPS, but rather if someone were buying a new chartplotter and made that decision based upon chart suitability.

Ideally, I would want Champlain coverage only rather than having to buy (at an exorbitant cost) a huge package of inland/Great lakes charts that will never be used. Are Champlain-only charts even available from Garmin, Navionics, or Jepperson on an à la carte basis? [Not that I have been able to determine so far...]

Also, I would want full Champlain coverage, both the US and Canadian sides, hopefully without having to buy TWO chart packages...Living three miles south of the border means charts for both portions of the lake are mandatory. I'm even willing to give-up coverage of Southern Lake Champlain since 95% of my boating will be North of Burlington, VT.


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