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Pelagic295 04-03-2020 03:16 PM

Ontario Marinas closed
Ford Government's new list of essential businesses closes marinas except in relation to travel to principal residences (of which there cant be much in Ontario?)

Sonnie 04-08-2020 08:51 PM

Looks like this is going on until at least April 18, possibly the 30th, and Iíd say even that is very optimistic. Not even allowing contractors in. Hopefully we can flatten the curve and get a bit of a season up here.

sultany 04-08-2020 09:26 PM

Iíve told my guy to keep the boat in storage. This seasonís gonna be a write off.

from ottawa

scotchbonnet 04-15-2020 05:29 AM

Prince Edward County kept its public launches open until just the other day. It has now released they are closed until May 12.

The public ramps here provide access to Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte primarily a few smaller lakes also.

The walleye season opens the 1st Saturday in May in FMZ 20.

BoDawg 04-17-2020 09:04 PM

They cancelled the Great Ontario Salmon Derby on Lake O. Damm shame as it was my turn to win it this year.......well that was the plan anyway. Trying to figure out if I take my son and travel on bike about 15 minutes for the steelie opener if I could run into problems for not staying home.

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