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Brass Monkey 09-10-2019 10:27 AM

DEAL ALERT - Peoria IL Gander Outdoors
I just popped in to Gander in Peoria looking for an anchor light.

I found out the store is going out of business & as of this morning EVERYTHING but guns are 40% off club price.

I bought a Garmin Striker Plus 5cv brand new for $171. This one has the built in chart plotter where it will map the bottom of the water you are on. You can't load any charter or maps - but it will map the bottom of where ever you fish.

I also loaded up on Mercury 2 cycle oil - instead of $29.99 per gallon it was $17.

I got a new marine starting battery for $45.

All their hunting, camping, clothes - everything but guns.

I may have to go back & stock up on other stuff (lead, VHF radio, PLB if they have one)

Brass Monkey 09-12-2019 09:13 AM

I'm dying - they have brand new Honda outboards 40% off - I could get a new 9.9 for $1600

If I could in any way think of a use for one of these I'd get it - I just dont have any little boats.

LILGUY 09-19-2019 03:26 AM

I thought they all closed several years back. Two I could shop did, west Chitown subs. Those are great discounts if you’re close.

Brass Monkey 09-19-2019 11:28 AM

50% off now.

I'm spending all my freaking money there - mostly on small things that you wouldn't normally think about. AA batteries - a pack of 8 lithium AA batteries is normally $20 - getting them for $10 - stocking up.

stuff like that. I've already blown my wad on electronics & rifle scopes.

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