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getfeetwet 09-03-2011 07:22 AM

Garmin 5008 4008 vision card bundle Refurb

We are glad to offer a top-of-the-line Garmin solutions that will save hundreds of dollars yet provide more features than the more common configuration:

Price = $2175.00 -- SKU:010-N0593-00-B1 PART:010-N0593-00-B1 BRAND:GARMIN GPSMAP 5008 Plus Vision Card Buncle (Factory Refurb)

Price = $1450.00 -- SKU:010-N0591-00-B1 PART: 010-N0591-00-B1 GARMIN GPSMAP 4008 CHART PLOTTER Plus Vision Card (Factory Refurb)

NOTE: clients interested in this bundles will have choice of any regular size Vision card for the US that are appropriate for their specific area of operation. The Vision Card will provide all the map details for the region covered by the Vision Card and will give clients all the more advance features of the Vision Card including additional perspectives (3D, Submarine, etc) as well as enabling the auto routing feature of the chartplotter.

Moreover, clients with multiple display requirements can simply add 4xxx or 5xxx chartplotters and need buy any additional Vision Card as all chartplotters in the network will have visibility of the card.

Price = $1215.00 -- SKU:010-N0591-00 PART: 010-N0591-00 GARMIN GPSMAP 4008 CHART PLOTTER NOH REMAN

Price = $1950.00 -- SKU:010-N0593-00 PART:010-N0593-00 BRAND:GARMIN GPSMAP 5008 W/ WORLDWIDE SAT IMAGERY (Factory Refurb)

Wide array of Garmin factory refurb radar solutions are also available. Garmin's factory refurb radars are brand new condition (unused) and has the same factory warranty as brand new units. This is a no brainer solution:

Price = $2600.00 -- SKU:K10-N0012-06 PART:K10-00012-04 BRAND:GARMIN GMR™ 404 xHD Open Array and Pedestal (Factory Refurb)

Price = $899.67 -- SKU:010-N0572-02 SKU:010-N0572-02 Garmin GMR 18 Radar HD (Factory Refurb)

Price = $2382.00 -- SKU:010-N0484-02-B1 SKU:010-N0484-02-B1 Garmin GMR Pedestal + GMR 404 Antenna (Factory Refurbished)

Price = $1399.79 -- SKU:010-N0572-03 SKU:010-N0572-03 Garmin GMR 24 Radar HD (Factory Refurb)

Price = $3570.00 -- SKU:K10-N0012-03 PART:K10-00012-03 BRAND:GARMIN GMR™ 606 xHD Open Array and Pedestal (Factory Refurb)

Price = $2930.00 -- SKU:K10-N0012-02 PART:K10-00012-02 BRAND:GARMIN GMR™ 604 xHD Open Array and Pedestal (Factory Refurb)

Do not hesitate to email or call to discuss you full requirements
805 53195-77
805 531-9609

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