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Cquest 11-30-2020 08:21 AM

Disappointed in General Propeller
I had my propellers sent in to General Propeller to have them repaired / tuned up. Unfortunately I put these on my boat (24" x 30.5P Nibral Acme Props) and my starboard motor would not reach full RPM's 200 lower than normal and about 60 RPMs low on the Port Prop. This is funny since I have owned this boat for 11 years and these props always made 2830 +/- at 31" Pitch but had them lowered to 30.5 to add more cushion. The Starboard Prop was sent in damaged as it hit something in the islands but the original scan report showed no damaged in the report. I had to pull the boat and put back my older props that are the same make and pitch and everything was good except now I have a pair of bad props. This was a $1500 cost to have these fixed plus haul out Etc. These props were sent back to General Propeller and said all was good this cost me several hundred more dollars to get hauled out and switched again. I had another propeller shop in Canaveral scan the props and they said that the props were not in spec and it would cost me another $1,000 to fix the issues. I have let this go as it has been several months but it does not seem right.

I do not want to post any particulars but will PM.

GeneralPropeller 12-01-2020 04:43 AM

Hi Cquest,

I apologize that you had a disappointing experience with us at General Propeller. The last thing we want is our customers to be unsatisfied with the end result. We repair hundreds of inboard propellers each month and it is very rare that we have issues with a repair. If an issue does arise we will always do our best to ensure that we make it right. In this instance did you send the props directly to us, or were you going through a Marina? We would definitely like the opportunity to make this right for you, but I will need a little more information to look into this. Please feel free to give me a call or e-mail me directly. My e-mail and phone number are below
(941) 748-1527 Ext 1313

Best Regards,
Travis Propst

Cquest 12-01-2020 11:52 AM

Thanks Travis I will be in touch.


Cquest 12-04-2020 10:14 AM

I was able to coordinate with Travis to have the props picked up and corrected. There are not too many companies that stand behind their work any more it is great that General Propeller is one of the good ones.

Thanks Travis for all of your help.

GeneralPropeller 12-04-2020 11:26 AM

No Problem Tom! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get the issues addressed for you.

Angela, we are located at

1415 9th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208


Ryan H. 12-13-2020 08:09 AM

I love a happy ending

Phins360 12-15-2020 08:49 AM

Been sending props to them for a while.

I was kinda shocked to read you had an issue with them to begin with, as that is not normally the case with General

I am not surprised either that they stepped up to make it right. That is why they are the only place we send our props to.

GeneralPropeller 12-15-2020 09:27 AM

Thanks Phins360! We appreciate the support and the business!!!

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