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Magnum Marine 40 Sport Reimagined by one design (333) »
1design August 22, 2017
The helm seating design and its integration to the rest of the exterior was also looked from a different approach. In general this 40 foot needed to feel like a 50 foot. Every inch of gained space from the original design was a win. The vessels needs to exceed the expectations of not only the driver-owner, but the rest of his family and friends. The vessel has to build on it's already aggressive lines, but do so in a way to eventuate the original designer and to provided additional practicality and uses. The helm seat has a complete outside kitchen beneath the 3 person helm seats. A top of the line stainless stee Gas Grill, a small but deep stainless steel sink and exotic hardwood cutting surface. The seats rise on a pair of hydraulics as does the grill

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