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Default Fusion stereo advice

So it has come time to beef up the stereo system on my boat and I have decided to go with Fusion. My current system consists of four clarion speakers and a face plate. Ideally, I would like to add two speakers for a total of six speakers, as well as add a sub. Below are the speakers Im looking at and any feedback would be appreciated.

The speakers that I am thinking about purchasing are as follows;

(2) Fusion Signature series 6.5" two way speakers with LED back light, 230W peak power (75W RMS).

(4) Fusion Signature Series 7.7" Speakers with LED back light, 280W peak power (100W RMS)

(1) Fusion Signature Series 10" Single voice coil 4 OHM Subwoofer w LED back light 450W peak power (250W RMS)

(1) Fusion 2.7" Built in bluetooth receiver MSUD750

(1) Fusion MS-DA51600 5 channel AMP

My question is, would the single 5 channel amp be powerful enough to power all six speakers and sub? or should i dedicate a separate amp for the sub?

Next, I plan to tie in my stereo system w my new Garmin 942xs chartplotters via NMEA 2000 thus would the receiver be obsolete and should i purchase a less expensive unit? or leave as is?

Next, does anyone have experience w Fusion, and what are your thoughts on the system? Would 6 speakers and a sub be too much stereo for my Whaler Conquest 285? keeping in mind two speakers would be in cabin (thinking i could zone those speakers?)

Lastly, are the LED speakers worth the investment? or should i get the standard speakers and save a bit of zee cash? how durable are the exposed open face style speaker like what i am looking at?

Thanks in advance,

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I have three sets of JL audio m770s and the two high end JL 10 subs on a 24 sea hunt- I think as long as you aren't compromising your fishing storage or any other storage, then you'll be okay. I created spots.

I bought a ud750 head unit as well, which I love, but it is pricey. I have a pre-nmea motor, so I don't have anything networked. I have seen Most newer boats networked and there really isn't a need for any head unit but I think the fusion head unit is a little more detailed with zones etc. if u want that sort of access. To me, the zone feature is more for larger yacht type situations where you actually have different rooms/zones/areas to turn the music low etc. all this stuff is prett self explanatory. Honestly I bought my 750 because I liked how much nicer the screen was. The 750s are led backlight whereas I think the others are more of that digital style. Another feature that I use ALOT is the fusion link app from my phone. You can keep the cover on your radio out of direct elements and operate all its features from your smartphone as well.

As far as led lit speakers, I'm not a fan but it is "to each their own". I don't like any exposed led lighting because it messes up your evening driving eyes. That's just my opinion.
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i originally had four Fusion 6.5 speakers and 750 ipod head unit, then upgraded to four 7.7 Fusion speakers, then upgraded a second time with the 5 channel amp and 10" woofer. Been pleased with all thee setupss. You can definitely tell the difference in low volume bass in the 7.7 compared to the 6.5
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I had the 4 basic 6.5 Fusion, two 7 inch fusion and basic 10 inch fusion sub running on the Fusion 1600 watt amp. That amp doesn't put out anywhere near the rated power.

I paid about $500 for the amp, $130 for the 2 pairs of 6.5, $110 for a pair of 7 inch and $100 for the sub. So only had about $340 in speakers.

When I played it at about 85 percent or more the amp would get so hot it would shut down for 5 mins or so to cool down. It was a fine line on playing it to loud,causing the amp to shut down.

For the money I had into the system it did sound good. But I would get a JL or Wetsounds amp next time.

For the money and wanting a cheap system the basic Fusion speakers are a great value.

But for the money of the high end Fusion speakers I would be buying JL or WS. They are proven and actually cheaper in certain sizes.

Several guys that have used the new Fusion high end speakers said the JL and WS sounded better for the money. That was guys that had them before on their boat.

JL has 10 percent off right now.
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Here is my experience with Fusion...

I replaced my 6 Fusion speakers with Wet Sounds because after 4 yrs the cone material was starting to deteriorate and running black down my boat.

My Fusion amp burned up, started smoking and nearly caught fire, probably would have had I not smelled it and shut it down - cheap Chinese resistors. I replaced with it a PolyPlaner amp.

My Fusion IP600 head unit the screen was fogging up, then the screen would work only sometimes. I replaced it with an IP700 because Fusion supposedly fixed the fogging screen problem - NOPE, same thing happened to the IP700. Now I am on my 3rd head unit in 6 yrs, a UD750. I only replaced it with another Fusion because the cut-out fit and it was plug and play with my wiring, otherwise I would have gone with another brand. So far the screen on the UD750 hasn't fogged up.

Needless to say my experience has been less than stellar.
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