Line recomendations for new reels

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Default Line recomendations for new reels

My wonderful wife bought me two new Barrett rods for Christmas, 7’ 40-60# conventional, I got avet lx 6.0 G2s for them.
I plan to use the rods as kind of a do all, live bait, light trolling, bottom fishing.
I was thinking 40# mono for better trolling capability, but have read about guys using braid and short mono top shots (80-100yds).
What say the brain trust?
Pic of wife for compliance lol
We fish out of st Augustine
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I'd stick with the mono. You can even drop that to 30lb test line to get plenty of capacity to do all those things. Most lines, unless they are IGFA certified, break well past their stated weight class.
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Specs says it will hold 300yds of 40# and 350yds of 30#. I don’t mind sacrificing a 50yds to have he added line strength for bottom fishing applications
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It all comes down to capacity.You're fishing the mono either way.
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I differ in opinion. If you want a do everything rod, they'll be times you want heavier line and times lighter line. For example, I use my conventionals for bottom fishing when using live bait. When doing so, I usually use a minimum 60 lb fluro as a short leader. Same when trolling for grouper. However, when trolling for dolphin or kings I use a 100 yard top shot of 30 lb mono. Therefore, I'd pack as much 40 to 60 lb braid on those reels as you can and then leave some room to add whatever top shot of mono or fluro you plan to use for the type of fishing you'll be doing for the day. The braid will last for ever and add a lot more line capacity to the reel. Then learn the fg knot, if you don't know it already, for the braid to mono/ fluro connection.
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For do everything setups that have to include pulling 20lb gags off the reef, put 300 yards of 65lb Tuf-Line braid on them.

Then add top shot of mono with test and length depending on what you are doing that day. Trolling little lighter test and longer top shot than for bottom fishing.

IMHO if you go lower than 50lb braid you are really disadvantaging them for bottom fishing. NE FL isn't the GOM where 40/40 outfits kill lots of big fish, the structure in your area is too sticky not to be able to apply maximum heat out the gate.
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