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72’ Viking Sinks Off Port Canaveral

Old 11-01-2018, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by BoulderGT3 View Post
My valves are right at the steps going down into the engine room. I go through the messy exercising of them 1/yr. That said, I wonder how much they really would pump out? I doubt they'd keep up with a shaft that is pulled or a rudder that's broken off.
Depends on the motor and the size of the shaft. A 454 Crusader will keep up with an 1 1/2 shaft..... Ask me how I know.
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Old 11-07-2018, 12:22 PM
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Boat in pic above is a SunSeeker not a VSC. See boot-stripe near stern, written in white against blue background.
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Was the original story of the sinking on CNN?
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Well, at least there was conversation about what to do in the event of catastrophic water intrusion regarding this thread. Other than that, just a big question mark.
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Old 01-09-2019, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by BADFI$H View Post
Sorry guys. Not fake news. Just spoke to my friend and he is not able to post the pictures yet because there is an ongoing investigation. When he gets the green light from the insurance company, I will post pictures here. Sorry for the delay, I am as anxious as you are. I also want to silence the conspiracy theorists on here that are saying it is fake news.
will we ever get any info on this teaser?
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I was thinking about this the other day and was starting to believe we will never know.It must be top secret to what happened if it even happen at all.
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Alternative news.
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Well this brand new 74' Spencer was certainly not fake news. Couple years back and evidently the captain didn't believe in going around large rocks in shallow water.

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Last pic above isnt of the spencer,

there is a THT thread on it, Worton Creek Marina here on the Eastern Shore of MD 10 minutes from my house bought the boat and it is almost completed.
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One thing to keep in mind is that the stuff that is often stored in the engine room/space (parts, rags, tools, etc.) can start floating around if the space floods. Crap in the bilges may float up too. In the picture of the seacock above, that black dri-deck stuff is going to start floating around. Even if the stuff is stored neatly (and away from the pumps), if the boat develops a list, that stuff may decide to move to a different place. Junk in the engine room (or wherever the pump pickups are) can get sucked into the pump or clog the intake which will decrease the dewatering capacity (maybe by a lot).

When the replica Bounty ship sank in the hurricane, one of the problems they had was that they could not keep the pumps running because of all the stuff floating around in the engine space (where the pump intakes were) would jam them up. is offline  

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