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STB24 06-06-2017 08:02 AM

Key West trolling setups
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations for rods and reels for trolling in Key West. I plan on trolling for mahi, blackfins, and wahoo (not high speed, I have different set ups for that already). I also plan on slow trolling live baits for sailfish and kingfish on occasion. If possible I'd like to use the same setups for all the species while not being way overkill or undergunned. Thanks in advance


coores14 06-06-2017 12:48 PM

you already own anything or are you looking to buy new setups?

Texas 17 06-06-2017 03:06 PM

I've been impressed so far with a set of Penn Fathom 40NLD I bought. Reasonable price, put 300 yards of braid behind a hundred yard plus 30 lbs. hi-vis mono top shot. Light, versatile, and so far, held up and performed well. I have a couple 30 Tiagras I use for any heavy trolling set ups in the spread, but the Fathoms have been great for the regular lines trolling while still good for drifting or kite fishing.

STB24 06-06-2017 04:03 PM

I have a couple 6/0 and 4/0 senators, and a penn 16 vsx. The rest I own are 50 wides or 9/0 sized reels which I feel will likely be overkill down there. Planning on having to buy some new equipment

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