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Default Cast net repair

Never have had to get one repaired. Just bought a new one when the holes started to get to big. I have about a five foot hole in the side of my custom 10' net. If they can repair, will it still throw the same way ? I have heard that the net will be tight and will never loosen up the way it was prior to the repair. I really like this net just don't want to spend the money on a repair and it does not throw properly anymore and I still have to have a new one made. Any one have a net repaired ?
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Its all cost dependent... If a repair is going to cost you $100-150 and it'll be like "new" or fork over another $100 depending on the original price and have a spanking new one. I have not had any one repair mine so i have no good references but i have seen some people put ads into crags list in our region who will do it.
If someone could do it professionally so its not tight as you mentioned, but the problem is finding someone who can actually do it the right way.
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I've had more than a few nets repaired and they functioned just fine after the repair.... I'll bet someone from Sunshine Ace will be able to point you in the right direction for a netmaker, repair guy in your area. I have two different repair sources over here on the east coast. Give me a call if you can't find someone locally. Guys like me that actually use a net usually have at least one repaired yearly....

By the way with a large hole the repair will usually be a diamond shaped panel that's just sewn into place so you don't lose the proper shape for each panel....
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