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Default Rambo 27

I'm thinking about buying my buddy's 27ft Rambo. I plan on using it in the North East around Long Island Sound, Montauk, and Massachusets. I was wondering if anyone could comment on the boat's ability to handle rough water. There typically are not a lot of Rambo's on the water in this area, from what I know about them, they are more of a Southern boat. Any information is much appreciated.
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Default Re: Rambo 27

I had a "friend-of-a-friend" who had one. He really liked the boat a lot and I was lucky enough to go on it once. I was very impressed with it. It wasn't especially rough but we did have to run through an inlet which had some waves stacked and he got very exicited, punch the throttle and it ate it up! Overall, very positive impression.
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Default Re: Rambo 27

It is a great boat for what it is and the weight of it...It's a light boat for 27 ft. The versatility is the best option about a Rambo. It only draws a foot of water and it can go offshore as well. I have had mine for quite sometime and have enjoyed it, especially in the keys. I have a Yamaha 250 4-Stroke on mine and it runs the boat just right and only burns 10 GPH at 30 MPH. The boat rides great with some tab when it gets snotty... It handles chop better than a tall sea, but is drier than just about anything out there in that price range and size.

I added a Garmin 3010-C with 1000 Watt x-ducer, 36 Mile radar and an Auto Pilot. The boat fishes great and there is a pile of room on deck and the layout gets NO cleaner for a one level deck. Console is HUGE. Big enough for fresh water tank and a head and tackle.

Mine is for sale if you haven't bought one. I simply haven't been using it as much as my small boat. If you have any further questions about the boats, please let me know what specifically. I know the boats inside and out.
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