Florida Reef Fish Survey

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Default Florida Reef Fish Survey

Totally missed this requirement starting 7/1. Then figured it didn't apply because I don't fish reefs in state waters, until I read if you transit back through state waters from federal you have to have it. Seems painless and no cost, however just one more thing...

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This type of thing has me worried. I remember when they started ifq for red snapper and others. Years later, they came back and said since u only caught x amount, you can only sell x amount from now on. Worried that they will come back in a few years and say that since you did not fish for snapper or grouper, you will not be able to from now on. We only allow so many permits. This year they started keeping track of stone crab traps as for non commercial.
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Another government scam to take our fish and give them to the commercial guys. You wonít be allowed to catch them but you can buy them
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Iím mostly pissed because I bought the lifetime license so that I didnít have to worry about renewing each year... but now I still have to register for this bullshit.
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Another fact of life due to an enormous (21 million) and growing population in the state of Florida.
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Wait, not only do I have to sign up annually, but this is some more bullshit I have to carry with me physically or on my smart phone?

I'm king mackerel fishin now
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So bitch about FWC making decisions about seasons and limits without knowing and then bitch when they work to get a better assessment of the fishery stock to try to make informed decisions. The thing is free and just requires taking a few minutes to answer a survey.
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Just took care of all of it through the app. Have to say it was pretty convenient. It's nice that it shows all my licenses, as well as my wife's, in the app. I always have my phone on the boat and it's one less card clogging my wallet.
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it's my understanding that they'll send you a survey someday to fill out. Don't fill it out if you're so worried about how the information is going to be used. Seems pretty simple.
Took me a few minutes to do online this morning and now it's one less thing I have to worry about if stopped by FWC.
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Not that big of a deal. Entire family has lifetime licenses. My daughters aren't old enough, so I just activated for myself and my wife. It's pretty easy. Then, I just needed to sync the licenses in the Fish Hunt app, and the Reef Fish endorsement is there.

I was hoping that I could extend it out further than a year, but doesn't appear to be the case. I tried on one of them, but when hit checkout, it returned to 7/1/21 as expiration.

Overall, the process was painless. I'm more trusting of this since it's done by FWC.

Now if NMFS Gulf Council was doing this, I would be much less trusting. They'd send out surveys and one of two things would happen.
  1. If lots of fish landings were reported, they'd panic and shut down the season due to overfishing.
  2. If few fish landings were reported, they'd panic and shut down the season due to the species being severely overfished.
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Itís the expansion of the gulf reef fish angler designation that has been around for a while. They may send you a survey to see what youíve been catching. No issues regarding allocation, just to get a more accurate assessment of what is being caught.

The stone crab endorsement is nice from an enforcement standpoint and to protect your traps. If you call FWC and say my trap S12345-1 was stolen, we can look for that trap. If itís lost, we can get it back to you. If I find your trap out during closed season, and it was reported lost/stolen, the violation wonít go to you.

Its also a method of determining what the actual pressure is on the resource from recreational anglers.
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Originally Posted by somethingfishy View Post
Another fact of life due to an enormous (21 million) and growing population in the state of Florida.
BINGO! We're lucky we still have the viable fisheries we have. This is not going to get any easier as every swingin dick out there buys a boat and thinks they're now a fisherman.

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