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Poppachubby 06-17-2020 10:25 AM

secure overnight parking around Ft Lauderdale
Driving down to the keys in a couple weeks and planning to overnight near Ft Lauderdale. Needing a safe place to leave a trailered boat overnight. Anyone have any suggestions? Tried a couple marinas but no luck so far.

pje 06-17-2020 12:24 PM

Try here Welcome to Harbour Towne Marina on the Dania Cutoff Canal

shoeman 06-18-2020 08:29 AM

We go to the Keys frequently from Jacksonville and usually leave a little early from work and head south, stay overnight and then get up super early and go the rest of the way so that we have basically that whole first day in the Keys. We have stayed many, many times in Ft. Pearce (at the exit where the turnpike and 95 are really close together) without any issues. We've even gone all the way to Homestead/Florida City and stayed there without issue. I personally would not stop overnight in a big city like Ft. Lauderdale. Harbortown is fine if you're leaving your tow vehicle and trailer there to go to the Bahamas, but don't know if it's a logical overnight stay location!

Have fun!

Poppachubby 06-18-2020 10:09 AM

Whole rig is about 60' long so I doubt I'll find a hotel capable of accommodating me and I am a little nervous just leaving her alone in a parking lot down in SF. I am somewhat flexible about where I land for the night. I would prefer to get at least to Ft Lauderdale but plus or minus an hour is fine. I am coming from Pensacola. Was hoping that as common as it is for people to haul boats down there that there would be something setup to accommodate or someone on here who had figured out a good solution for this. Thanks for the reply's definitely giving me things to think about.

BCConviber 06-18-2020 10:40 AM

If you stop in Fort Pierce, the Holiday Inn Express right next to the Turnpike has a massive area in front where there are always
rigs parked. Just a thought.

shoeman 06-18-2020 10:43 AM

Have stayed at LaQuinta Suites, 2655 Crossroads Parkway, Ft. Pierce, 772-232-5088 and Hampton Inn, 1985 Reynolds Drive, 772-828-4100. Both had large grassy fields immediately adjacent to the hotel parking lot that you could park in (there were some semis parked there for drivers that were staying in the hotel). I just looked on Google Earth and as of the image date of 1/14/19 those fields are still there. Call the hotel and inquire if that area is still open and if they see any issues with you parking there. Both hotels are well off the main highway there (I think highway 70) so not a lot of traffic to possibly pilfer something off your boat. But when we go we lock all the fishing gear either in the cabin of the boat or under a hard lockable bed cover. I certainly wouldn't leave anything out in plain view.

Hope that helps!

Poppachubby 06-18-2020 12:28 PM

Originally Posted by BCConviber (Post 13768580)
If you stop in Fort Pierce, the Holiday Inn Express right next to the Turnpike has a massive area in front where there are always
rigs parked. Just a thought.

Called and talked to the lady at the front desk and she was very friendly and they seem very accommodating. They are also dirt cheap right now. Three King suites for only 12500 points a piece!!! Thanks for the info. THT comes through again. I will update how it goes for people in the same situation down the road.

Copout@castaways 06-18-2020 12:57 PM

I live in Lauderdale & the only place would be Harbour Town if that. WPB would be my furthest South that I'd be able to close both eyes.

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