Stuart Boat Show- your thoughts

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Default Stuart Boat Show- your thoughts

As a business owner I kept asking myself this question. Why would a broker or a company spend so much money to send multiple boats to a show only for your employee or employees to be so uninterested or stand offish in showing the product. I walked behind a couple in which the husband was raving about this sportfisher and that it filled there requirements. Only to have the broker completely ignore him and his wife trying to walk the boat because you were discussing dock talk with another broker. The couple was so disappointed that they walked away.

I will say the Seahunter crew was very willing to spend the time to discuss their boats. Pretty sure my next boat will be a bare bones 31 or 28. The solidness of the build is so much different than my boat or the other CC's. As I walked OM, Stuart BW, INV, CONT, CH, AND PURSUIT.

That 28 was sharp. Does anybody have one to review the ride in 2 to 4 ft waves.

Food prices were ridiculously high.

Anybody else care to review.
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I've been to the Stuart boat show. Once.
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I have a 40 Ft Seahunter that is 10 years old now. Still in great shape. A solid boat! I have visited the Seahunter displays & In water, at several shows. They are always very accessible and ready talk.
I did not buy the boat factory direct, so they have no real connection to me, but they are always willing to take/make time for me.
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I have to agree with you in fact the couple you mentioned could have been me and my We were trying to walk a few bigger boats and some of the dealers completely ignored us. I will say that the guy selling lures was great. He talked to me for probably a half hour or more....guess what I bought stuff. I guess people are buying so many boats that th don't have to be nice.
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Been here for awhile and yet have attended that show. Sounds like shitty salesmen. Their loss not yours!!
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I have been in the market for a large CC for about six months and ran into some incredibly bad brokers. Totally non responsive and uninformed about their listings. That said, last week I looked at six boat (I bought one) and two were brokers (I specifically skipped two boats because of the brokers) both brokers last week were great. Super responsive, flexible, realistic about the boats they were listing. I offered on one but could not get to agreement but the broker was professional and responsive throughout.

I guess my point is, they ain’t all bad but a lot are awful.
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The seminars were AWESOME!

I hope you don't blame the show for some bad apple brokers as that happens at every show. The organizers don't have any control over that. As it seems you are doing, simply let the market dictate and take your business to another broker/dealer that gives you better service.

No excuse for poor service, but I can tell you that going to these shows gets to be monotonous and maybe with this smaller show they did not send their "A" team. Anyways...

The food we had was delicious. Seemed to be a lot of locals hitting the bar towards the end and having a good time. They say it's getting bigger/better every year and I was told many boats were sold. It's a small show so you can't really compare to FLL, Miami, or even PBC. Much better than the Naples shows I've been too I can tell you that as well. The organizers were very responsive and helpful with me ( I did two snook fishing seminars on Saturday).
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I've been.. one and done
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First time for us. Coming from Ft Lauderdale we knew what to expect. Food was stupidly priced. Good atmosphere. Big boat salesmen were the usual douches that they are at the bigger shows. That was weird. Since we are looking for a 30' ish cc we spent time with quite a few builders. The Contender guys were stand up and the Cape Horn guys were fantastic. I especially liked shooting the chit with the guys at Stuart boat works and Oceanmaster. Pretty sure our next ride will be from one of those two. One notable experience was buying two pairs of Danco pliers at their booth and having to force my way into the conversation between the two guys working the booth to actually buy the pliers. Not cool.
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I have been to that show three years in row. I like the used sportys they gave on display, but skipped this year. Spot on: food is costly, and unless your wife looks like DarcizzleOffshore wearing Prada forget about getting broker attention and I am actually in the market to upgrade my 42...
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Big boats are brokerage more than factory new like you see at WPB/FTL/MIA...layout on some of the docks isn’t conducive to lollygagging, that’s for sure. Otherwise I think they have a good spread of boats and the brokers/salesmen seem pretty friendly.

I think it’s a lot of fun. Good crowd, great show for the kids. Food expensive, but always is at shows. Gets better every year
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My first time at the Stuart Boat Show. Pretty nice inventory of boats, food and drink prices were ridiculously high ($4 for a Dasani water!), wish they had some more fishing stuff in the booths. The ATM outside was a piece of garbage that took 15 minutes to get cash, next time have cash beforehand.

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