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pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 09:48 PM

Pinnacle Marine Outfitters - Catalog
:thumbsup:Thanks for Checking Us Out ! - This posting just went over 330,000 hits. Thanks THTers!!!!!!!!!

THE SHOP IS OPEN !!! - Just REEEEALY Busy - If you call, text, PM, IM.....Please be patient with replies as I try to get to them as fast as I can. Thanks everyone and be safe out there!

Spiral 400g
White Marlin
XR PRO SERIES - 30-80, and 60-100 class

Best Price Winthrop Terminator! AND EVERYTHING IS IN STOCK!
UPDATE - If you need anything Winthrop - let me know. I am a top tier with them so I get the best prices, and I'm willing to pass it on to THTers

AFTCO: Anything in my catalog can have AFTCO Components. You might want to check on the cost of components before you request a quote.

Aftco is famous for quality and durability, but they do command a high price. I will be posting some new rods in the coming months with all AFTCO components on Seeker, and Calstar Blanks.

C-MOR Charts - Authorized dealer for CMOR - I am the SW Texas Rep for CMOR - If you need a chart for any location, please give me a shout.

FlexCoat - Authorized dealer - I can get anything you need!

You Can go to this page anytime by typing in:

Welcome to the THT Pinnacle Marine Outfitters Catalog -

In an effort to make things easier for THTers to find the Various rod models available from Pinnacle Marine, I am going to start a series of posts with pictures, specs and pricing.
Along with rods you will also find- Swivel rod holder inserts, Big Game Swivel Rod Holders, Gaffs, Storage bags, Rod Butts, Swivel tips, and replacement parts.
The Rod Model and description will appear in the order shown below. Along with the post, I will do my best to up-date availability with Color, number available, or "out of stock" if applicable.
I really do love this job, and I welcome any calls. If you have questions, feel free to contact me anytime.
If seas are flat, you will need to leave a message.

I can do Paypal, or any CC over the phone. I "do not" keep CC info on file. All is destroyed after the authorization - no exception.

Shipping - Shipping cost is based on actual cost plus the price of the 350lb corrugated shipping box ($4ea).

1. XR Series Stand-up Rods with Eliminator jr. Roller Guides - Limited stock - LIMITED STOCK
2.XR Series Stand-up rods with ALPS S-6 Roller Guides
3. XR Series Stand-up rods with Fuji SiC Ring Guides
4. XR SERIES with FUJI SIC and RX-M roller tip
5. XR PRO with ALPS RX-M Roller guides - HANDS DOWN BEST SELLER!!!!
6. TSX 30s, TSX 50s, and the TSX 80s with Pacific Bay Eliminator Roller Guides (.24" Clearance)
7. TSX 30s, TSX 50s, and the TSX 80s (PRO SERIES) with ALPS RX-H Roller Guides (.27" Clearance)
8. Custom Daytime Sword Rods - When only the best will do! Made to order AVAILABLE - ALLOW 1 WEEK to BUILD
9. Eliminator 100 PRO
10. DEEP 30, DEEP 50, and DEEP 80
11. DEEP DROP 1000 - "THE" rod for Tanacom 1000, Banex 1000 Electric reels. Targeting Tile, Yellow edge, Snowy, Barrel etc.....
12. TSX 130 PRO - The Big Critter Gitter
13. 400g Spiral Wrap - for conventional reels - AVAILABLE NOW!
14. 400g Spinning - yep- these are for spinning reels - AVAILABLE NOW!
15. KID's Trolling Rods - 20-50 class
16. Daytime Sword Rods
18. Commercial Grade Swivel Rod Holder - Sword Fishing, Blue fin, Sharking, Deep Dropping .....Everything.....
19. Swivel Rod Holder Inserts
20. Swivel Tips
21. Gear storage bags
22. Outrigger rigging bag
23. Pacific Bay Aluminum Rod Butts
24. WIRE LINE RODS - Available Now!

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 09:54 PM

1. XR Series Stand-up rods with Eliminator jr. Roller Guides
24 Attachment(s)
This rod model is a very limited stock !! I will continue to have these for customers who need to complete matching sets, but they will be limited to 30-80 class.

XR- Eliminator jr
$175ea with straight Butt, or $190ea with short curved
This XR Version has the extremely "Braid" Friendly Pac Bay Eliminator jr. With a roller completely recessed into the guide cage. As the name suggests, chaffing between the roller and cage is "Eliminated".

Length - 5' 6" with Straight butt, 5' 8" with short curved
Blank - Solid Composite
Guides - Pacific Bay Eliminator jr -
Butt - Pacific Bay #2 - 18" straight, or 21.5" short curved
Wrapping 2X under, and 2X over
Coating - Flexcoat Ultra-V - 3X

Available colors / lb Class
Black/Gold - 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class
Blue/Gold- 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class
Blue/Silver- 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 09:57 PM

2. XR Series Stand-up rods with ALPS S-6 Roller Guides
12 Attachment(s)
XR- ALPS - S-6

Want to see a video of rods in action? Here is catch-em Outdoors high speed trolling

Thanks guys and gal for a great video!

$155ea with straight Butt, or $170ea with short curved
This version of the XR rod was introduced 14 years ago and continues to be a best seller. The price would suggest entry level, but performance says otherwise. Available in 20-50, 30-80, and 60-100 class.
Length - 5' 6" with Straight butt, 5' 8" with short curved
Guides - ALPS RV-Type, S-6 - 316 Stainless
Butt - Pacific Bay #2 - 18"
Wrapping 2X under, and 2X over
Coating - Flexcoat Ultra-V - 3X

Available colors / lb Class
Black/Gold - 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class
Blue/Gold- 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class
Blue/Silver- 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class
Silver/Black- 20-50, 30-80, 60-100 Class

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:03 PM

3. XR Series Rods with FUJI SiN Ring Guides
10 Attachment(s)
NEW XR Series with FUJI HD PHBNG Guides
These guides are Braid, Mono, Floro, and wire line compatible
Latest version (6 foot)

Request by THTers - HERE IT IS
For those who are not a big fan of the Roller guides and would prefer a rod that is suited for live baiting, bottom fishing/ jigging / and trolling -and now with the Silicon Nitride Rings- its wire line compatible!!!
The Fuji SiN guide selected for the rod qualifies as a heavy duty boat guide with a stainless frame and deep press SiN insert. We decided to go with the best on this, and when it comes to durability - FUJI is tough to beat. The rod has a lighter tip action to see a bottom bite, yet has the backbone to handle the big boys when that time arises.
Rod Specs
Class - 20-50 lb
Price - $180 with 18" removable straight butt, $195 with 21.5" short curved
Other optional butts with the rod:
1. Pac Bay #2 Long Curved - $205
2. ALPS #2 Medium Curved 23.5" - $205ea
3. Pac Bay #2 Long Straight 20" - $195ea
4. Winthrop Terminator adjust-a-butt - $455ea

Blank - Solid Composite - 20-50 class - medium action
Guides - FUJI - PBGNG and PHBNG - 7 + Top
Butt - Pacific Bay #2 - Comes standard with 20" straight butt
Rod length with 18" butt is 6 foot
Rod Color Options
-Blue/Silver - IN STOCK -
Black/Gold - IN STOCK
Black/Silver - NEW - IN STOCK

Feel free to give me a call with any questions:
You can also text to this number, but Im often bombarded with those and it might take awhile to respond.
I take CC over the phone, Or I can send you a paypal request via your email address

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:05 PM

4. SRT Series Rods with Fuji SIC Ring Guides and RX Roller Top
4 Attachment(s)

This rod is now a production series and available in 3 colors

This is a wind-on capable rod
Length - 5' 6" with straight butt
Guides Fuji HD - PHBSG ring guides with ALPS RX-M wind-on size roller top.
Butt - Pacific Bay #2 - straight
Bonding - 2x under, 2x over with Flexcoat Ultra-V Finish

$185ea with straight butt, or $200ea with the short curved.
Other butt options for this rod:
1. Pac Bay Long Curved 29" - $210 ea
2. Alps Medium Curved - $210 ea
3. Pac Bay Long Straight - $200 ea
4. Winthrop Terminator Adjust-a-butt - $460ea

Paypal, Visa, MC, DISC

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:10 PM

5. XR PRO with ALPS RX-M Roller Guides
3 Attachment(s)
XR Pro Series -
Available in 30-80 and 60-100 class

Here are some videos of the rods in action. Thanks to Dave and crew of "Ledge Fever"

Another video - charter in Venice - PIG YFT!

$215ea with 18" straight Butt or $230 with 21.5" short curved
Prices with other butt options:
1. ALPS Medium Curved 23.5" - $245ea
2. Pac Bay Long curved #2 29" - 245ea
3. Pac Bay Long Straight #2 - $230ea
4. Winthrop Terminator - Adjust-a-butt - $490ea

The XR Series stand-up rods have been on the top as one of best selling models for the last 15 years. The latest version, now distinguished as the Pro Series displays one of the coolest guides that ALPS has ever created. The ALPS RX - M (medium wind-on) roller guide has a .25 inch clearance, yet still maintains a lower profile and weight to make them extremely functional on fast tapered stand-up rods. This Guide, like the other RX models have the recessed roller to prevent any line chaffing between the roller and the cage. This is a key feature when using braid. The chassis for the guide is Aluminum, and all attachment hardware / roller is 316 SS.
Specs: Solid composite blank –Length – 5’ 6” with straight butt, or 5’ 8” with short curved
Guides -ALPS RX-M - Medium Over-Size
Wrap options:
Blue/Silver Diamond
Gold/Black Diamond
Butt: Pacific Bay International #2

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:12 PM

6. TSX 30s, TSX 50s, and TSX 80s w/Pac Bay Eliminator Oversize Roller Guides
8 Attachment(s)
MEET THE TSX 30, 50, and 80
The TSX / TSX Pro is a first of its kind Hybrid Trolling / Stand-up rod introduced some 13 years ago. With oversize wind-on roller guides and a stand-up length – this rod has earned its way as a top seller for over a decade. The solid composite blank has a slow taper and larger diameter to accommodate the large guide foot, which is normally only seen on longer – large diameter trolling rods. The result is a highly versatile, stand-up / trolling rod with a class specific parabolic curve from grip to tip. Available in 30, 50, and 80 class.

SPECS: TSX 30/ 50
Solid Composite – 30, or 50 class – Parabolic – med /fast action
Length – 5’6” with 18" straight butt
Butt – Pacific Bay International - #2 - 18" short straight (**Other butt options Available) -
Guides – Pacific Bay International Eliminator– (.24” diameter clearance)
Butt Options – Short Straight, Long Straight. Short Curved, Long Curved
Binding – 2x under bound to protect blank, 2x over-bound in all guide foot locations
Wrap – diamond weave
Epoxy – Flexcoat – Ultra V- 5 coats

TSX 30s, and TSX 50s -
$205 with 18" straight butt, $220ea with short curved

TSX 80 Specs:
This rod has the 80- class parabolic blank with an 80 class rated #4 butt. If you are using an 80 class reel, you will need the #4 butt as your platform.
$245ea with straight butt, $265ea with 23" short curved

Available Colors:

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:14 PM

7. TSX30s, TSX 50s, TSX 80s PRO SERIES w/ ALPS RX-H Wind-on Roller Guides
16 Attachment(s)
This version of the TSX has the ALPS RX-H roller guide set. These guides are the largest in the ALPS Arsenal with a .27" clearance. If you are using wind-on's, leaders with swivels, and/or bridals, this guide just may be what you are looking for to make sure you get a clean pass. Similar to the classic TSX model, this rod has the same solid composite blank with a slow taper and larger diameter to accommodate the large guide foot which is normally only seen on long trolling rods. The result is a highly versatile rod with a class specific parabolic curve from grip to tip. The ALPS RX-H wind-on roller guides are 130 unlimited class so integrity/ strength will never be an issue. The rod is tested to 50 lbs of drag (perpendicular force) before the line coming off the reel starts to touch the fore-grip. If you are still hanging onto the rod at 50 lbs of drag, make sure you are tied to the boat, or have skis on.

Call anytime with questions, or orders - 210-364-6943
Remember, you can get back to this thread by going to :

Rods are Available in

SPECS: 30, and 50 class

Solid Composite – Class Specific (30, 50, or 80) – Parabolic
Length – 5’6” with straight butt attached, 5' 8" with short curved
Butt – Pacific Bay International - #2 - aluminum / removable
Guides – ALPS RX-H – (.27” diameter clearance) - CNC Billet Aluminum Chassis with SS-316 ROLLER ASSY - Teflon Bearing
Butt Options (additional cost) – Long Straight. Short Curved, Long Curved
Binding – 2x under bound to protect blank, 2x over-bound in all guide foot locations
Wrap – Hand applied diamond weave
Epoxy – Flexcoat – Ultra V

Pricing - 30, and 50 class
$245ea with 18" straight butt
$255ea with 20" long straight
$260ea with 21" short curved
$270ea with 29" long curved

Specs: 80 class
Rod Length :
Blank - 80 Class solid composite - parabolic curve
Butt - Pacific Bay #4 (4 available options)

With #4 18” Straight Butt – 5' 9" (ROD FOR THIS LISTING) - $285ea
With #4 29” long bent butt: - 6' 6" - $325ea
With #4 22” Short Curved Butt – 6' .5" $315ea
With #4 23” Long Straight butt – 6' 1.5" $295ea

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:16 PM

8. Custom daytime sword rod - made to order - THT SPECIAL $750ea
Custom Daytime Sword RodFor those of you who have done your research, you already know that the price on some of these is very offensive. To get the rod you see in the picture with these components will cost you $950.00. If you want to sacrifice the Winthrop Terminator Butt and go with a standard #4 Curved, you can get it for $700.Here is a breakdown of the retail component cost if you want to build it yourself: Check it out at component pricing:
Fuji HB SiC - Guide Set $77

Calstar Boomer Jr 50-100 - $101

Hypalon Grip - $8

Winthrop Terminator #4 Butt / Ferrule - $369

Winthrop WT-AT Roller Top - $90.

Components alone - $645.00, Now Add- Shipping cost of components, Flex Coat Epoxy, 2 - 3 days on the lathe, Wrap / dry time, guide prep, Blank prep....... Here is the deal- I am taking pre-orders for the rods as you see it in the pictures / and the components listed - $750ea You can get it in any color you choose as long as its black. Right now there is a 2 week wait time, and 3 possible options.
1. Daytime Sword 6 ft - Light 0-3 kt current - 3-8 lb weight - Calstar "Boomer Jr" 50-100 blank - $750ea.
2. Daytime Sword 6ft- Med Heavy Current - <3 kts and 8 - 12 lbs - Calstar "Baja Boomer" 60-130 Blank- $750ea
3. If you need a longer rod, I am also doing a version with the Calstar RT-50 6.5B Blank. This rod will be around 7 ft ....with three more guides. Give me a call if this pertains to you. Slightly more $$ to cover the blank and additional guides. Call Anytime - 210-364-6943

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:18 PM

9. ELIMINATOR 100 planer, teaser, high speed, dredge rod
8 Attachment(s)
MODEL - ELIMINATOR 100 PRO SERIES- aka- The Canyon Sweeper

This is the new Eliminator Pro series featuring the ALPS RX guides and the RX Over-size swivel tip that BTW Pinnacle Marine contributed greatly to the over 1 year R&D, function, and finish of this beauty for ALPS.

Rod Applications:
Deep drop, Electric reel platform, planer rod, Dredge rod, Teaser rod, fast trolling rod, Hawaiian shotgun rod….the list goes on. This rod will be the Leatherman tool in your fishing arsenal

36” Solid Composite 100 lb class
ALPS RX OVER-Size roller guides – With the new ALPS Twin sealed Ball bearing swivel tip
Pacific Bay #4 Removable Aluminum Butt
ALPS Oversize RV type Swivel tip -Ti coated roller
Coating – Flexcoat Ultra V – 5 Coatings
Wrapping – Guides are under bound 2x in every guide location to protect the blank and 2x over-wrap on ever guide foot for security.


Optional Butts and corresponding rod length attached to rod section:
Long curved butt – 5 Foot
Short Curved – 4’ 7”
Long straight – 4’ 8”
Short straight – 4’ 4

Rod comes standard with a 29" long #4 Curved butt, or the 23" shorter version.


pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:19 PM

10. DEEP 30, DEEP 50, and DEEP 80 - DEEP DROP RODS
Info Coming Soon

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:21 PM

11. Deep drop 1000
2 Attachment(s)
THT Price - $249ea

Right Now I am offering a free swivel insert with every Deep 1000 Rod purchase!

If you are looking for a rod to match the Tanacom 1000, or the Banex 1000 for Tiles, Snowies, yellow edge, barrels etc - here it is. For the last year the model SRT 30-80 has been converted to a swivel top deep drop rod and hands down the most popular. This rod now has its own name - Deep Drop 1000
The action of the rod will easily sense the first bite, and the backbone will get the whole stringer back to the boat.
Completely Braid Friendly!
Length - 6' 3"
Color - Black
30-80 medium action solid composite blank
Pac Bay Long curved #2 (AB2C-B), or the 21.5" Short curved
Fuji HB - Silicon carbide - Same Guide that is on the sword rods
ALPS RX-H 22 Oversize Twin Roller Bearing Swivel top with SiC Bail Insert
All components are top shelf !

Feel free to give me a call - 210-364-6943
Text, PM, Email, or give me a call anytime!
Paypal, or CC over the phone.

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:23 PM

12. 130 Class Trolling - TSX 130 PRO -
8 Attachment(s)
This is the Giant Critter Getter!

130 lb class

The Popular TSX 130 classic version has now been taken to a new level. The major change is the addition of the Oversize RX Twin Sealed ball bearing designed roller guide. We did the R&D on this guide for over a year before it was allowed on any production rods. Our beta rods with these guides still perform flawlessly and the guides are still rolling silky smooth.
Target Game: Marlin, Blue fin Tuna, Swords, Sharks, Giant Warsaw Grouper, Giant Halibut, Shamu
Recommended Reels: Senator 15/0 or larger, International 80/130, Shimano 80/130, Avet T-RX Quad 50 II/ 80, Fin Nor 80/130, LP 1200, Any High torque Electric Reel.
Rod Length – 85” when assembled – 59” with long curved butt removed
Butt-Pacific Bay International #6 – Curved Butt (#6 straight butt available)
Blank – PMO-Big Game series Solid Composite, 130lb + rated-
Fore-grip – EVA Dura-Foam
Guides – ALPS RX- H Over size Twin Sealed roller ball bearing Roller guides
Coating- Flexcoat Ultra V
Bonding – Double Wrap on the top of the guides, Double wrap under the guides to protect the blank. Total 4 wraps

Available colors:
Blue / Silver
Black / Gold

$415ea with long Curved butt.

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:24 PM

13. 400g Spiral Wrap Jigging rods - For Conventional Reels
4 Attachment(s)
2017 - 400g Spiral wrap jigging rod
Not much has changed with the new 2017 spiral rod. The butt section got a little shorter to make it better for pitching / casting, and the blank is one guide longer to facilitate a longer cast and enhanced sensitivity for jigging.
Thanks to all the THTers out there who have been instrumental in the evolution of this rod - now 7 years!
For those unfamiliar with the spiral concept:
The "REAL" reason for the Spiral - Spinning rods are extremely stable and they create zero twist on the rod when under load. Why? - All guides are fixed to the underside of the rod and there is no other place for them to go under load. Guides on the top of the rod when under load inherently want to go left or right to try to get to the underside of the rod to relieve the stress. Spiral wraps make it possible to have the stability of a spinning rod using a conventional reel. The last 3-4 guides and tip are located on the underside of the blank effectively negating the twisting force that is normally present on a conventional rod (where all Guides are located on top of blank). What you get is a rod that just gets more stable with increased drag pressure - a real winner during a long fight.
Total Length - 6' 6"
Rod section - 61"
Butt section - 19"
Distance from gimbal lock to center reel seat - 15.5"
Blank: 88% Carbon Fiber - 12% E-glass (This recipe was dialed in 3 years ago)
Reel seat - Pacific Bay Channel lock 2
Gimbal - Pac Bay Aluminum - w/ gimbal lock
Guides - FUJI SiC
Finish epoxy- Flexcoat Ultra-V


purple/ gold (LSU)

ORDERING: if you send me a PM, or Email request a paypal invoice - Please include the type of rod, color, quantity and where it's going to. To circumvent all that - just give me a call - 210-364-6943
I can take any form of credit over the phone.

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:25 PM

14. 400g Spinning / Jigging Rod - For Spinning Reels
6 Attachment(s)
For you guys that have followed the progression / evolution of this rod - here is what I believe is the final version.
This carbon fiber e-glass blanks overalll length is 6' 6"
Top of the line Fuji SIC tangle free guides
Pacific Bay Channel Lock 2 removable reelseat
Class is 350-400g, or for those who prefer a weight class - (15-40 lb aprox).

This is a multitask rod that is great for small snapper at your favorite rock, and then proceed out to the floaters to throw topwaters to 150lb yellowfin.

This rod is designed to multi-task so you dont have to take 10 rods to do the job of one really good one.

Depending on your target game, you can mount anything from a 5k - to a 25k reel. My favorite set up is the saragosa 18, and 20k reels. On any given trip I will catch snapper, ling, grouper, Ajs, mahi, wahoo and YFT's - Oh yea, and lots of pesky blackfin.

The rods are $185ea plus shipping

Thanks THT for making this rod and all of its predecessors a great success.;

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:27 PM

15. KIDZ Trolling Rods - Professionals Only!
4 Attachment(s)
For the Boys, and the Girls

The Kids trolling/ bottom rods are here….. With options!

Purple/ Silver

This rod is designed as a dual purpose trolling and bottom fishing platform. The light 20 class action tip is perfect for seeing the bite while Bottom fishing, yet still has the backbone to set the hook land that large pelagic on the troll.

This rod is designed specifically for the serious smaller angler. This is not the Mickey Mouse edition, but a full mission capable rod that is toned down slightly for smaller hands.

This model is 54” as a kidz rod at standard length with the Channel lock 2 reelseat / butt section

Add the Kidzbutt – Straight extension – 62.5 “ - add $25
Add the Kidzbutt – short curved extension – 64.5” - Add $35
Why the extensions: If you want the rod to lock properly into a rod holder while trolling…this is a nice option, or if you need an extra adult size rod - the extensions will make it a standard length.

The Extensions are designed to be easily removed from the gimbal via QD pin to shorten the rod. When the fish strikes, pull the QD pin and stick the rod in your kids fighting belt.
This is a full-on 20-50 class rod. The rod was made off of the backbone of our popular XR series 20-50, and there is no compromise on components.
The reel seat is a channel Lock II – removable, and the butt sections are custom made from 6061 – T6 Aluminum (same material specs as the #2 removable aluminum butt)
Guides are ALPS S-6 316 Stainless
Guides are all 2x underbound and 2x over-bound on every guide just like the adult version.
Finish coating is Flexcoat Ultra-V

If you want “just the rod” - Includes rod section / removable reel seat /butt sleeve/gimbal (THT Special $125)
Add straight butt section: $25
Add short curved section: $35

Please feel free to call anytime with questions : 210-364-6943
Contacting me by phone or email is generally better than a PM

Thanks THT

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:28 PM

16. Daytime Sword Rods
Daytime Swords

New For 2019 - THT Priced - $385 with ALPS RX-H Twin Ball Bearing Roller top, and Pacific Bay International Long Bent, or Short Bent #4 Removable Butt
I have narrowed down the available options to the best sellers over the last year. If you have a special request for certain components, I will do the best I can to set you up.
All you need to do is give me a call - 210-364-6943

IF YOU HAVE AN LP 1200 or PLAN ON BUYING ONE: You will need a #4, or #6 butt to fit the mounting clamps that come with that reel. Before you order a rod, make sure you know which size you have or plan on ordering with your reel so I can properly set up your rod.

*The Blank
Sword 30 - Light Current - up to 5 lbs weight - Carbon Fiber E-glass
Sword 50 - Med-High Current - up to 6-12 lbs weight - Carbon Fiber E-Glass
Guides -7ea Fuji HBSIC

Tip Options:
Winthrop WT-AT
SWIVEL TIP - ALPS RX 22 (I do not recommend this tip for a wind-on application)

Butt Options:
Pacific Bay - #2, #4, long curved or short curved
Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt #2 or #4
AFTCO #2, or #4 long curved

SWORD 30, or 50 with Pacific Bay #4 long bent or Short Bent Butt and ALPS RX-22 Roller top - $385ea
SWORD 30, or 50 with Pacific Bay #4 long bent or Short Bent Butt and Winthrop WT-AT Roller Top - $425ea

SWORD 30, or 50 with AFTCO #4 Long Bent Butt And ALPS RX-22 Top - $540ea
SWORD 30, or 50 with AFTCO #4 Long Bent Butt And Winthrop WT-AT Roller Top - $580ea

SWORD 30, or 50 with Winthrop Terminator #2, or #4 Long Butt And ALPS RX-22 Top - $650ea
SWORD 30, or 50 with Winthrop Terminator #2, or #4 Long Butt And Winthrop WT-AT Top - $690ea

Feel free to give me a call:
Pm's are fine but it does take longer to respond to.

Payment - Visa, MC, Disc, Paypal, George, Lincoln, Jackson, Benjamin.....

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:29 PM

17. White Marlin Rods
9 Attachment(s)
White Marlin Rod
Introduced in 2016 is our 6 ' 6" white marlin rod. This 350g action carbon fiber-E-glass bank is complimented with top of the line Fuji HB Silicon Carbide Guides and Top. Each guide is double wrapped above and below the guide foot, and secured with 5 coats of FlexCoat Ultra-V. The #1 Butt is the lightest removable butt available from Pacific Bay International.
This rod is no longer special order only. You can get it today!

Available colors

Blank - Carbon Fiber E-Glass Composite 350g action - 20-40 class
Guides - FUJI -BHBNG - Silicon Carbide - 8ea
Butt - Pac Bay #1 Removable Aluminum
Price $215ea

If interested or have any questions, please feel free to call - 210-364-6943
I can take paypal, or Visa, MC, and DISC over the phone

Tags - White Marlin Rod, Saltwater trolling gear, White Marlin rods, Short trolling rods, Fast trolling Rods, Stand-up Tuna Rods, Spiral wrap jigging rods, Top water popper spinning rods, Deep drop rods, Sword fishing rods, Planer rods, teaser rods, kite rods, KIds saltwater trolling rods, Ladies saltwater rods, Gig Game offshore trolling rods, Bluefin Tuna rods.

pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:32 PM

18. Commercial Grade Sword Fish / Blue Fin Swivel Rod Holders
8 Attachment(s)
Why this rod holder beats them all....
Commercially strong and built for a lifetime of use
Easily Adjustable tension
Lock-out capability
Remove the tube when not in use
Comes with its own reel leash attachment point
Have a large Electric that you don't want flopping around in a standard 3 bolt swivel holder - this 4 bolt platform with backing plate solves that issue.
Reel from the gunnel as you would using a long bent butt. Take it out and you have a stand-up straight butt - no knuckle busting!
Have a disable person on the boat, young children, elderly, or the like who still like to fish, but cant manage the rod for a full-on battle - Put the reel in first gear, or flip the switch, and let the shotgun do the work.

Swivel Turret Rod Holder...AKA- "SHOTGUN" : ON SALE NOW - $225ea
If you are a charter Captain that does Charity/ Not for Profit trips for the Wounded Warrior Project - contact me directly

These are commercial grade! and completely 316 Stainless Steel construction

If you're after the Big boys - Blue fin, Swords, Marlin, Makos.....or need a really strong platform for your electric reel, you are in the right place. The 4 bolt mounting platform and included backing plate will insure the necessary gunwale strength required for high drag applications. The side of your boat will come off before this rod holder will. Don't try to compare this piece of equipment with a 3 bolt swivel holder that comes standard "without" a backing plate and mount holes that are 1/2 inch from the main tube (weak).

The common design for this type of swivel mount is to have a permanently placed tube bolted to the base of the well. This improved design allows removal of the rod holder tube when not in you don't have to look at it, or bump into it when not in actual use. The Friction key assembly is bolted to the bottom of the well where it remains ready to engage the swivel tube when inserted. The tension required to move the tube can be adjusted from Zero to complete lockdown.

If you are so inclined...You can also drill and QD pin the tube and base so the swivel will remain stationary (Run your rods as outriggers) and then pull your installed pin to allow the tube to move freely.

Everything you see in the picture is 316 Stainless. Even the friction washers. The safety D-Ring (lanyard attachment point) you see on the top of the tube protrudes all the way through to second as a locking gimbal pin. It too, is stainless. Every part is CNC cut from sheet Stainless and TIG welded circumferentially into place. (not cast)

The Backing plate is a standard feature and is also included in the kit.

The Straight tube is an option and nice to have if you ever want to use a bent butt in the swivel housing. If this is an option you are interested in - add $40

Here are some specs:

Tube ID 1.72"

45 degrees

Depth to locking pin - 9.5"

Mounting base 5" x 3.6" x .20" thick

Mounting depth required for clearance - 8.5"

Well tub Thickness - .20"

Total weight: 6 lb, 13oz

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

The kit includes : Bent Rod holder tube, Tube mounting base, Friction Key assembly, backing plate, PVC insert.

PAYPAL and Credit over the phone accepted


pinnaclemarine 06-13-2016 10:33 PM

19. Swivel Rod Holder Inserts
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Sorry Guys but the price on these has gone up due to the price of 316. I could have skimped and done 300 or 304 to keep the price the same, but I think its worth the extra $2

A less expensive way to have swivel capability

$30 ea

Complete 316 stainless construction
Diameter - 1.5 inches
Total length - 2.2 inches
3 ea nylon washer
1 stainless washer
1 Self locking stainless self locking nut
Top side swivel portion has drain holes so it won't hold water
Will fit in all standard rod holders

The swivel has adjustable tension and when inserted - will raise your rod holder pin depth 1.5 inches.

If you have never used one of these - your in for a treat.
These aid tremendously in reducing side loads on the rod tip guide and subsequent breakoffs from chaffing.

Shipping is $6.80 if you buy 1 or 10

Paypal, or credit card - would prefer paypal as a gift.:thumbsup:

Call: 210-364-6943

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