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Default Bryan Connley and

I just have to say, Bryan Connley is the man. I ordered some Shimano rods from him a few days ago. Well there was a mix up and the rods he posted for sale had already been sold. Hey, things happen, understandably. I had already bought two reels for these rods to set up for jigging. Couldn't return the reels so I was bummed to find out there were no rods to be had. ( they were a steal). What did Bryan do? Sold me two of his custom built rods which are probably twice the rod the Shimano's were for the same price. Now that's true customer service at its very best. I love the new rods and can't thank Bryan enough for doing this. Anybody looking for new rods really needs to give Bryan a call. I can say anytime I'm in need of new ones, he will be my first call.
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My new rods should be arriving today from Bryan. Heck I placed the order and just told Bryan to shoot the invoice over and I will get it paid. He sent it on a Friday and I sent payment on Monday and he said "rods should be there in the next day or 2". I was dumbfounded and asked about it and he said Yea I sent the rods out as soon as they were complete. I hadn't even paid yet.

Between Bryan and Rick they have enough trust in their customers the world could learn a thing or 2 from these great businessmen.
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Always readily accessible, ready to help and, of course, pleasant to deal with.
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x4. Great guys to deal with.
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I gotta say, I have been lurking on this forums for years and never had reason to post. But I felt that I should add my 2 cents to this and say that the guys at Connley fishing have always been great to do business with. I have bought a couple of rods from them that have been great.

I'm thinking about making a set of custom rods this Christmas for all the guys with their names on them. If/When that happens it will be with Connley.
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I have bought 37 rods from Bryan and they all are GREAT!!!

that cheapskate anger management only bought TWO!!!! WUWT?
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Have a bunch myself and cyst service is great
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I had a small issue with a purchase a few years ago, anyone who deals with him knows he's a class act, and appears to be extremely attentive to his customers needs.
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I'll throw in as well. I pm'ed him about a sale he had but I missed the deadline but he said what the hell and honored it anyway. I have since had a few custom rods made for my father and have outfitted myself with some kite & sailfish rods from him. Great guy to work with, great rods as well!
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Thank you Angler management!! I felt terrible when I realized I had already sold those other jigging rods a month prior so I was willing to do whatever I could to help fix the mess up on my end. So glad you like the rods!!
I have found over the years that if you just use your head a little then there is usually a way to turn a NEGATIVE moment into a POSITIVE outcome if you just care and try..... and that was the case here. Hopefully we have made a lifelong customer now rather than having someone that would probably not do any further business with us ever again.

I will say, if anyone ever has any issues with me or my company...... I ask that you always let me know and I assure you, as long as you give me an honest chance that I will always try my very best to fix the problem and make it right!

Nobody is perfect of course but we truly take great pride in all of our customers and I will always go the extra mile to help any customer. We really do not have that many problems here on a daily basis so when one does arise we will always try our best to do whatever we can to fix it.

As always, we thank all of our loyal customers on THT for your many years of support!!
We are very proud to have so many followers on here and we cannot thank you all enough! We are growing daily and without a doubt THT is a huge part of our success!!
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Bryan's the best, love my Connelly Rods! Only have 12 right now. Need to get some more ...
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I bought a set of natural abalone trolling rods from Bryan. He's amazing and can work something out for all budgets. From the highest end to good quality for a fair price. There is a good reason people are flying in from all over the country to buy 30+ matching set rods from him.

I just can't wait to be able to afford the matching set of boat and spinning rods!!
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Bought 10 rods from him about a year ago. Nice guys at the shop. One of the tip guides fell off and they put a new one on in no time.
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