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Default shark jaws

I caught a nice mako a couple years ago. The head has been in the bait freezer since. I would like to keep the teeth and jaws. after I cut the jaws out of the head what is the best thing to soak them clean? thanks
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Default Re: shark jaws

DON'T boil them!!! All you'll end up with is a mess. The only way I've ever done it is to put them on/near an ant hill. Takes some time, but gets the job done nicely...

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Default Re: shark jaws

I clean all the meat off I can, then take a scotchbrite pad and scrub. It takes a while. spread the jaws to the position you like and let it dry. I have several, and I like the ones open about 120 degrees best.
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Default Re: shark jaws

CMP - 12/6/2005 2:26 PM

DON'T boil them!!! All you'll end up with is a mess. The only way I've ever done it is to put them on/near an ant hill. Takes some time, but gets the job done nicely...

I agree with him. Get as much off as you can and put them outside somewhere where the dogs can't get to them. The ants and other insects will make it nice and clean.
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Default Re: shark jaws

Make sure that crows or rats can't get to them either. They will steal 'em.
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Default Re: shark jaws

There's good info here:
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Default Re: shark jaws

we take our baracuda skulls and hang them on a tree and the coons eat the meat clean off and all we have left is the bone/skull and teeth and then let it sit in bleach for 2 days
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Default Re: shark jaws

scrap / cut all the meat you can off then take 1 part peroxide 1 parts water and put the jaws in it for a short while (5 to 10 minutes max! the peroxide will soften and eat away the jaws if left in it) then take a spoon/ scotch bright (as someone else said) and scrape fruther, and a pair of sharp nail scissiors and need nose pliers and cut and pull the meat/ cartlige from around the teeth, it's very time consuming, and you will bleed from them teeth getting you. those little scissiors are the goods!bleach can be used also,(keeps the smell down) but will not soften the meat like peroxide, and will lighten the color of the jaws.(as will the peroxide) I do it over 2 to 4 nights, 8 to 12 hours work if done well. after you peroxside and cut / scrape and hack then rinse the jaws off with water and put in a zip lock bag, you don't want to leave the peroxide sit on them! as you get almost done then leave it out (baking in the sun is good) in the posission you would like it to stay. ( screw mine to a board)you can wait weeks between sessions ( put it in the frigde) note mako jaws are not bone! they will not come out very good if you don't put the time into them. good luck!
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