Epirb with internal GPS? SOLD SOLD

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Default Epirb with internal GPS? SOLD SOLD

Mmurdo G5 Smartfind Plus 406 GPS epirb, catgory II (manual deployment) with mounting bracket. Just over a year old and in perfect shape. $450.00 obo plus shipping from Florida.

Product Features
• Integrated 12 channel GPS
• IMO Approved
• Non hazardous battery for safe and easy transportation
• Unique CARRYSAFE bracket for safe transportation included
• High brightness LED flashing locator lights
• Comprehensive diagnostic and self-test facilities
• Once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours
• 5 year warranty
• 5 year battery life

406 Beacon Specification:
• GPS receiver (SMARTFIND Plus)
• Maximum number of satellites tracked: 12
• GPS Receive Antenna Type: Ceramic dielectric patch
• Meets the requirements of international standards: COSPAS-SARSAT T.001 class 2, RTCM; SC110-STD Version 2 class 2, IEC 61097-2, EN 60945, Part 80 of FCC regulations.
• EPIRB temperature range: Operating - 20¨¬C to +55¨¬C (Class 2), Storage -30¨¬C to +70¨¬C
• SOLAS Float-Free Housing -30¨¬C to +65¨¬C (Class 2)
• EPIRB sealing depth: Waterproof to 10 m
• EPIRB Weight: 657g (1.5 lb)
• Float-Free Housing & EPIRB: 2130 g (4.7 lb)
• 406 MHz transmitter Frequency: 406.028MHz + 1kHz
• Output power: 5W + 2dB
• 121.5MHz homing transmitter
• Frequency: 121.5MHz + 3 kHz
• Output power: 50mW + 3dB PERP
• Transmit Antenna Type: Blade vertically polarised, omni-directional
• Type: Flashing white LED lamp
• Light output: > 0.75 candelas over 75% of the horizontal plane
• Message formats: EPIRB National, Standard and User Location Protocol as applicable, plus EIPRB user protocols. Serialised, MMSI and radio call sign.
• Controls: Manual activation, Self TEST switches
• Beacon operation: Automatic activation by seawater switch within 5 seconds of immersion. Manual activation by sealed switch.
• Battery Classed as non-hazardous for transportation
• Temperature range: Operating -20¨¬C to +55¨¬C, Storage -30¨¬C to +70¨¬C
• Operational life: 48 hours minimum at -20¨¬C
• Battery replacement interval: 5 years

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Default Re: Epirb with internal GPS

PM Sent
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Default Re: Epirb with internal GPS

Got it Tom, and I have replied back to you with a pm. thanks
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Default Re: Epirb with internal GPS

What is the expiration date for the battery? Thanks
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