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Axlhoss 10-08-2019 07:48 AM

Stainless Steel Pelagic Sculpture & Wall Art
Here are some recent works I've uploaded to the metal marine art collection, both big and small, 3D and 1D sculpture.
Thresh'N'Around 3D Thresher sculpture - Available
3D single sided MahiMahi stainless steel - Made to order
Salty Bottle Poppers 6" raw steel - Available
34" 1D palm Tree steel - Made to order
48" 1D torch colored Marlin Stainless steel - Available
Breacher - Humpback Whale tail sculpture stainless steel - Made to order / wood options available.

Thanks for having a gander. Let me know if you have any questions.

VanW 10-08-2019 06:13 PM

Are there any prices?

Axlhoss 10-08-2019 08:25 PM

Here is a link including pricing for multiple styles and sizes.

RockCodRandy 10-12-2019 06:16 PM

Great work! Do you make any rays or sharks?

Axlhoss 10-13-2019 01:43 PM

Many thanks! I do! I have made many rays and shark jaws. I PM’d a link to my commission info page for ref.

Axlhoss 10-18-2019 08:50 AM

Here is some recent works ready for a wall to call home. All made from marine grade stainless steel.
Stainless Flattie - 3D single sided wall sculpture on sand carved wood 42"x24"x6" - Fish only 30" L Stainless steel, torch coloring, gloss clear coat, wood carving or SOLD
Sand Dollars stainless steel, silicon bronze details, gloss clear coat 12" $120
Spanish Mackerel - 3D single sided 24” marine grade stainless steel, gloss clear coat, heat spots $200

I also just finished this spiny lobster to make it in metal.

Axlhoss 10-25-2019 02:20 PM

I cut my teeth on these guys when I was a kid, I remember my Pop always getting me up wayyyyyy to early, and I can’t thank him enough for that. New Largemouth Bass design. 22” 3D single sided, shaped from marine grade stainless steel with a gloss clear finish. I’m making them so they can be freestanding or wall mountable. $380 free US shipping.

Axlhoss 11-03-2019 05:12 AM

This Wahoo is ready for a wall to call home..... 36” 3D single sided, shaped from marine grade stainless steel, color optional.

This silent traveler is also available. Liquid Jelly - Steel, chrome powder coat, stainless steel base,
48”x18”x12”. PM for serious inquires.


benderin 11-10-2019 07:50 AM

Interested in the wahoo , pm me with a price painted and shipped to 34607 zip. Thanks

Axlhoss 11-12-2019 04:44 AM

Stringer Bass, 2019 steel, stainless steel, automotive clear coat 36”x48”x4”. This was a recent commission for a clients home office. PM/Email me for custom commission info.

You can also follow me on my Instagram @gallartworks for more works in progress and completed works.

Axlhoss 11-20-2019 03:36 PM

I made some large scale limited poster prints of my stainless steel pelagic sculptures. Here is the Bull Mahi in 18”x24” •Unframed. More species on the site. $40ea + shipping.

reshufflesleep 11-23-2019 03:48 AM

They are looking really stunning and I would like to have them.

Axlhoss 11-23-2019 07:36 AM

Many thanks! Message me with any piece of your interest and I’ll send you more details on the artwork. I’m also having a sail on some originals @
Stay fishy!

Axlhoss 12-04-2019 04:11 PM

My first Sailfish , from sketch to sculpture. 46”x27”x4” shaped from 16 gauge stainless steel. This piece is available and ready to hang, just needs some cure time and a polish. Indoor / Outdoor safe. $700 - free shipping. PM or email for any questions.

TheYeti 12-04-2019 04:16 PM

Love the Mahi! Now we need a post cyber Monday coupon code. :)

Axlhoss 12-12-2019 09:00 AM

Fresh 36” 3D single sided MahiMahi fresh off the bench and some other available works ready to ship. Shaped from marine grade 16 gauge stainless steel. I also designed some shirts And stickers inspired by the sculptures.
46” 3D single sided Sailfish
Custom color 36” Tuna & Wahoo
Detail of the color. Looks insane in the sun light.

PM or email for all inquiries.

Thanks for taking a look and have an epic December everyone!


Axlhoss 12-25-2019 02:14 PM

Something new to bring in the new year. Swordy sculpture.... 48”x24”x4.5” 3D Single sided, shaped from 14 gauge steel with a custom patina finish. This was a commission of a fellow anglers personal best Swordfish.

Have a photo of a personal best catch you'd like me to design and create in metal? The process is simple. Email me your photo @ , site for installtion and any other ideas you have for the piece. After contact, I will draw up a detailed sketch or CAD design with proposed materials, price and any other details to be sent for approval.

Happy holidays and stay fishy my friends.

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