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Kids and iPads in resturants.

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Kids suck. The only thing good about them is that one of them eventually turned into me.
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We never take kids out to eat. Just our service is pit bull.
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Originally Posted by IMPLiberty View Post
Don't know if it was asked, how old are the kids? I do my best to keep my kids off the phone at a restaurant (never taken an iPad to one), however there have been times that we have 3 choices...

1.) Let them be monsters running around.
2.) Punish and remove them from the restaurant.
3.) Give them the phone and finish dinner.

I would love if my kids were always 100% perfectly behaved, however in the real world they have their moments and it usually happens at a store, restaurant, public place... furniture shopping I found out is the worst. They see a couch and have to jump, run and act like maniacs. With that said they are 4 and 5 year old boys and I'm sure any parent who has the same can understand where I'm coming from.
I can totally understand, and for a few of the terror years, we went with option 2 more times than I'd like to admit. The problem is the parents that just give up and take the easy way out, and hand them their phone to play with. Then they are surprised when the kid can't go five minutes without an electronic device in their hand.
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I could care less how disinterested someone is in parenting, just don't let your kids play on their ipads on full blast at a restaurant or on an airplane or any other place in public. The kids were like Jr High and Elementary school age, old enough to use headphones.

On a side note, I went out to dinner with my buddy, his wife, and their three-year-old the other day. When she started acting up one of them picked her up and took her outside until she calmed down. They refuse to let her bother anyone or give into the phone. Nice to know some people still have old school parenting values.
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Here is the solution to noisy people and kids...

Play this for a few minutes, put your phone down, everyone will think it’s their phone/tablet and shut it down.
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Just home from lunch with my 6 and 3 year old sons. Went to our favourite noodle place with a bag of trains for the young one and pokemon book for the older one. About 75% of the place had kids and nearly 100% were on phones or other devices, my guys were hungry and when the food hit they jumped on it like seagulls. Afterwards they started to get bored but a few trains and a matchbox tow truck saved the day. Its hard but we really try and socialise and interact as the screens effects freak me out. We have done it on occasion on long flights and the very odd meal but only as a last resort. The less you offer the less they ask.
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Our 3 1/2yo has her own iPad. At home we use it during meals to keep track of how many pieces of chicken/carrots etc she has to eat. Sometimes we take it to the restaurant.

Its a 8x10 dry erase board I bought for $12 including markers and an eraser. She loves the thing. Practices writing the alphabet/numbers and once in a while play tick tack toe. As of now she can write every letter of the alphabet pretty good and easily get from 1-20. Sticking kids in front of a screen with headphones isn’t for us. The only screen time she gets is when my wife cuts her hair.

We stoped in for ice cream last week and there was a family of five siting down looking like zombies staring at a movie they had playing. I thought I may have to go Rick Grimes on them.
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Ha forgot about the haircuts!
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So true.
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You already paid for the Big Mac and fries.....if the crowd is too loud you can just leave without any repercussion.
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Fight back. If enough watch loud porn or maybe even politics the restaurants will ban the devices.
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I bet if they didn’t have iPads, you would be complaining about something else.
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