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Anyone ever donate a car?

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Default Anyone ever donate a car?

I've got a car that was my wife's daily driver until a couple years ago. I've been commuting with it since she got new car.
it's still functioning but has a transmission issue that's not worth fixing. I was thinking donating it would be alot easier than dealing with trying to sell it.
I've just started looking into it but figured I'd ask if anyone had any experience with specific charities and how the tax write off worked.

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Yup......My ex wife's lawyer donated my car to her.....................NOT HAPPY!!
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I donated a non running LR2 to the Kidney foundation recently. I don't remember what they gave me, but I think $500 rings a bell as that was the least you could get. It was a total piece of shit and kept me from having to waste a half day loading it up and taking it to the scrap yard.

Basically I called them and within 2 days it was gone. All you need is the title in hand.

Edited to ad: That is obviously not cash, but a donation certificate.
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I have never done it, but This Site makes it look pretty easy. Now I have that song stuck in my head!
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I used Kars4Kids. They take it away and send it to auction. When it is auctioned off they send you paperwork for taxes based on the auction price. Mi e was in same shape as yours. Wrote off $1250. Process was simple and efficient.
Have no idea about the charity or what they do with $$. I was in a bind because the car was with my son at college 500 miles away and I needed it gone with as little hassle as possible.
Worked for me.
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With the new tax laws,you need to be able to itemize to take advantage of a writoff,otherwise,it's simply a gift.
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I donated a truck to Rawhide boys ranch

$500 was the standard deduction, you could file paper work if you felt the value was greater.
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Parts yard usually will give you $500+ cash and come tow it if its running
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Here is a site to do your research on the charity to donate your car. is a religious charity so you are donating/ supporting a specific religion- camps/after school groups etc. etc
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Donated a Honda Accord to vehicles for veterans in 2017. Super easy, they were thrilled that it ran (had a bad head gasket) so they could drive it on the rollback.
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Once to a nephew, 3 times to “Make A Wish” foundation.
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I donated my old Acura (bad steering rack) to Vehicles for Change. They don't just sell the car. They actually try to fix the car, then sell them (at crazy low price) to families in need...pretty good model, I think.
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1877 Kars for kids
KARS cars for kids
1877 Kars for kids
donate your cars today.

Thanks a lot. Now i am signing that song all day.
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IF the nonprofit keeps it for their own use you may deduct the fair market value of the vehicle. If they sell it (more often than not) you may deduct the amount they collected from the sale. There are some exceptions. Here's the IRS guidelines which you should read. p4303.pdf
Also the donee should advise you of the amount they received from the sale of the vehicle, but they should never provide you with an estimate of the fair market value of the vehicle (if they keep it), that's your responsibility. You should have some sort of documentation in your records as to how you arrived at that figure in the event the IRS ever wants to talk to you about that donation.
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Old Toyota Camry to Salvation Army. I felt $500 was a fair deduction as it was barely running and was at 300,000 miles.
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Yep. Easy Peasy. Just pick the charity of your choice; they'll get it on a flatbed and leave you a receipt. File as tax donation. Done
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I've done this two ways.
1.) I donated my well running daily driver to a charity for the write off, I think I got like $500, the car was probably worth 2k.
2.) I donated/gave my daily driver to the guy who parked it every day at my employers garage. I didn't really know him, other that he worked his ass off every day and had a young family. It also was a good running daily driver (I had just bought a new truck). I didn't get a tax write off or any monetary gain but I did feel really good about. I know it helped him a lot and for me was worth more than option 1.

Consider giving it to someone less fortunate than yourself directly if you are in the position to do so.
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I've donated several old work vehicles to charity. It is deductible, I would recommend using a realistic value. The forms I was given always had the value blank.
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Drive it to a dealer and take what they give you
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I've donated several cars to the humane society. All of them running beautifully. I just get a receipt from them showing I donated, and the value. I give it to my accountant at the end of the year with all my other receipts and he does whatever he does with them for taxes.
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