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Did I do good on my sale?

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Prices are so ridiculous that I'm considering downsizing for a couple years and re-purchasing the same year and model boat I sold for $32,500 ... 7 years ago.

The going rate for the same boat is $29,000-32,000. The guy I sold my boat to could list it for exactly what he paid for it - and be inline with current pricing.

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Originally Posted by gf View Post
You didn't get a return. I believe what you mean is you were able to recover 66% of the original purchase price.
This. Thanks for wordsmithing !

Im happy. Just curious is all. I felt considering everything recoup of 66% of cost is good. Never said I killed it. New owner loves the boat. I enjoyed my boat. All is good, just looking for input from others.

NOW, it’s your guys turn when you sell YOURS!!!

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All that matters is the Buyer is happy with the price and seller is happy that it is gone. Done deal
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Congratulations on your sale! I hope mine goes next.
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You did good, but as my father used to say, "Is good ever really good enough?" How's that?
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Any respectable THT member would have gotten 110%+ on any boat sale. Loser! 😎
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Originally Posted by tcontic View Post
Any respectable THT member would have gotten 110%+ on any boat sale. Loser! 😎
110% and two nights with buyers wife, minimum. 🤫🤫
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You need validation from people you don't know ?
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People don’t buy and own boats for a return. You sold it and the buyer bought it. Both parties are comfortable with the price. Good deal. Move on and buy a bigger boat, start over again.
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