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20ga vs. 12ga for home defense

Old 03-13-2019, 02:07 PM
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Fiocci makes a low recoil 12 Guage 00 Buck that kicks no more than low based bird loads. Very nice for your application. However... that said... there is always enough reasons to buy another gun! LOL.
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Originally Posted by Clamdigger II View Post
Now if you put slugs in that 20 gauge its a different story.

while 20 gauge buck shot may not have dropped a deer, try to imagine what it would do to a person standing 10 to 20ft away and you hit them in the chest or head or neck?
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20 gauge with 3” 6 shot 7/8 oz. put it under the mattress facing the door with the barrel 1” in from the base of the bed. If someone does make it in, you reach your arm around the side of the bed, slide it between the mattress and the safety will be next to the trigger, then squeeze. If you have more time you just grab it from under the bed. Please don’t ask.
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12Ga will kill them deader...............................
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Originally Posted by Clamdigger II View Post
Don't know about shooting people but a 20 gauge has a lot less knock down power on deer than a 12 gauge, ask my son. I watched him put a kill shot on a buck when he was 11, I was sitting right next to him and saw the whole thing. He hammered it at about 35-40 yards, buck jumped, went on a death run.....and we never found him. Looked till well past dark and then again the next morning. We found him 3 weeks later when a friend of mine shot him during six day firearm season on a deer drive. I did an autopsy and sure enough there was buckshot in the boiler room area, just didn't penetrate well, buckshot was just below the skin. I bought him a 12gauge 3" 1100 with a 30" full choke barrel the next year, it is a killing machine. The 20 gauge he was shooting was a youth model 1187 that he got on his 10th birthday, it is good for small game only. Now if you put slugs in that 20 gauge its a different story.
I noticed the same lack of stopping power when hunting for pheasants. The guys using 20 gauge guns could knock down birds but they would hit the ground and run off.
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If you need any handguns pm me. Wife may like a revolver or pistol better than a scatter gun...
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Originally Posted by joe.giuliano View Post
I have an 870 in 12ga and it is big and heavy and I don't think my wife could pump it easily. I also have a pacemaker and not supposed to hammer that part of my body.

And I am vertically challenged. Anyhow I was thinking about adding a youth size 20 semi-auto. I have a youth (compact) 10/22 and really like the way it handles.

Is 20 OK for defense. I know it is better to have something usable vs. something hard to use but ....
Perfectly fine. I have a youth 410 pump which is awesome for home defense...
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The 20 gauge will be fine, just use the right load. Of note on your physical limitation. My father had severe shoulder arthritis. I bought him an Ithaca gas operated 20 gauge. It has an adjustable valve for different loads. Worked very well for limiting recoil.
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It will certainly do the job, but cmon' man.
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20 gauge will will fine. I have a short barreled 20 gauge Benelli, ten round magazine, loaded with slugs, sitting in a quiet corner in the house, just for unexpected social occasions. You would not want to be in a two way shooting match against that thing. Wicked little gun. Plus, with the slug barrel on it, it shoots decent groups out to 100 plus yards.
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Who the hell is worried about recoil when and if you need to defend yourself in your home.

A 20 gauge is going to kick like a 12 if your shooting 00 buck shot.

Train you wife to shoot any shotgun with light loads which kick very little and have her comfortable pulling the trigger.

If and when it happens a shot gun is the ticket. I have trained my wife to stay put in a corner or hallway. Point and shoot down the hallway or door opening if the perps are in the house. She is not going to miss a small opening with a shotgun and is proficient with a hand gun.

If they stay on the other end of the house let them stay there and steal what ever and leave. She has been told and instructed to protect her and the family and not anything else. Don't even think about going outside or roaming around to find the trouble. Put yourself in a corner and protect your family. Some homes layout may present some issues that need to be addressed as to where everyone in the house is. That is something you need to train her for.

In less than 20 feet a round of 00 buckshot is going to kill everything on the other end from a 20 gauge shotgun. At that range a 12 gauge will make no difference.
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Originally Posted by BIGnUGLY View Post
I grab the kids 20 guage almost every time I decide I have to put my pants on at night.
I can't think of one thing that would prompt me to put my pants on at night.... as a matter of fact, anything that causes me to stir at night will most likely result in me pulling my pants off.
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I have an old "riot gun", semi auto in It's hard on my old shoulder. I bought a weatherby PA459 pump in 20 ga. and really like it with 0000 buck.
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Originally Posted by kennyboy View Post
If you need any handguns pm me. Wife may like a revolver or pistol better than a scatter gun...
Kenny she has a snub 38 she shoots well with, I am just trying to justify a new gun.
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12ga slug is the first delivery, after that, its all buckshot.
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Either is better than neither. I keep an 18” 870 under the mattress and other forms of defense around the house. You never know where you will be if something goes down. I don’t want to be cornered upstairs with a gun downstairs.
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I'd think it's the sound..someone putting a shell in the chamber with a pump anything in the dark is gonna scare the poo out of an intruder....the louder the better!
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Originally Posted by YFMF View Post
How often do you have to put your pants on at night? I'm in NJ and have gotten out of bed once in the past 10 years because I heard something, turned out to be nothing.
First of all if it turned out to be "nothing" so you reallly don't know what it was. Great job getting up and checking it out, and thank god it was nothing.

But...Don't you have "just in case stuff"?

Fire Extinguisher?
Credit Cards?
Med Kit in the car and boat?
A hidden spare key?
A leatherman tool?
Jumper Cables?
CO detector in your house?

This was once called "common sense". You may never need any of this but if you do you better have it.
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A 20 gauge is deadly in home defense. 3” shells throw 1 1/4 ounce of whatever shot size you desire, and I agree that 5s or 6s would be most effective with less collateral risk to others. Operating the firearm should take no thought - if you or your wife are not comfortable racking the pump, either shoot an auto or a double barrel. A 20 gauge double with 3” chambers and modern loads is formidable; they point very naturally, and are very reliable. Nothing is faster for two shots...
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Originally Posted by Lostsoul58 View Post

This is the way. Hot loads with buckshot inside a house will easily blow through walls and endanger family members. Much better off "spraying" bird shot in a wide pattern. You won't miss. So what if they are able to run. Their life is negatively altered for the rest of their days. They won't forget the experience, even if they are blind....
this is a great point ......number 6s will definitely knock you off your feet at 30 feet away and it might not sound as nasty as 00 buck ......but I would bet it’s just as deadly .....
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