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Broken wrist/advice

Old 02-11-2019, 12:12 PM
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Default Broken wrist/advice

OK, so my wife 49 takes our kids roller skating, she does these "Shops" where they pay her for reporting her findings. Some teenager rams into her from behind, she falls like a ton of bricks and breaks her wrist in the process.

I had her go to the nearest hospital by ambulance with the girls, I drive to the hospital and meet them. Both bones in the right wrist (her writing hand) are fractured, she's in a splint (happened Sat night) until she sees an orthopedist today.

Any advice for treatment that she may not get from the Dr.?

Any advice in general?
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Old 02-11-2019, 12:22 PM
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I broke my left wrist when I was a kid

Mine went like this
Cardboard splint until I could see the doctor (Sunday and they recommended waiting)
Doctor reset bone and put a temporary plaster cast on because I was traveling
Doctor at destination reset bone a second time then put my wrist in a real cast
After a month or 2 I was able to get a water cast and at that point I just had a club of an arm to lug around but there wasn't much I couldn't do
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My wife, 48, wanted to take our daughter ice skating. Some little kid, flying down the rink, falls down and is sliding. Doesn't say anything. My wife, fixing our daughter's hat, gets her legs taken out with no warning. Falling backward, she manages to get one wrist down, breaking her wrist in two places and her arm as well. It was clearly bad when you could see that it was bent in places it shouldn't be. The kid says nothing and takes off - not sure if they had a parent there.

Four surgeries later, she has a titanium plate, a bunch of screws, and pieces of bones removed from her hip and placed in there to rebuild her wrist. PT is important, not overdoing it is important, and a good ortho dr is important.
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Highly recommend she gets an MRI along with the x-ray if possible. I broke my wrist 3x in grade school and early high school. I am 50 now. Found out 3 years ago I have a torn scafoid lunate ligament which went undiagnosed from the breaks 30-35 years ago. X-rays never picked it up that many years ago.
I saw 2 surgeons 3 years ago who both said there isn't much they can do now as the ligament has dissolved and there is nothing left to repair. Sometimes I have to wear a brace on it now it's so painful. Not sure what aggravated it 3 years ago, but when I described those injuries years ago to the docs they both agreed that's when the tear happened. The x-ray 3 years ago showed some distancing between bones in the wrist which led them to order an MRI and that's how I found out.
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They will either make a decision to set it in a cast and follow it up in a week, or decide it needs surgery now. After a week,if it has not moved, then no surgery. If surgery expect a plate and screws. Plate Removal after a year may be an option. PT will be important to get the fullest range of motion.

I am a regular skater and that describes how wrist fractures have played out among skating friends and family.
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It's not widely known, but you can get a custom made fracture brace instead of a cast. Takes a day or two to make so you have a split cast during that time. Some you can tighten, but the nice thing is, you can scratch and possibly wash... depends how stable the fracture is and how well it is healing.

So, If she needs a cast.... that is an option... just make sure the Orthotist knows their stuff (brace person).
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Ice and elevation. Stabilize and wait for orthopedic physician. Use as much of whatever pain medicine you can get and be aggressive with the pain management.
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Look at Home Depot and get a bolt-on can get them for right or left handed people. Should cost around $30.00 or so. You'll save that much in toilet paper in 2 months. You may have to order it and pick it up.
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Ask for an Exos vs glass cast .
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Don't have much advice, but I broke my right wrist and cracked a bone in my left wrist when I was 16.

2 weeks in a cast for the cracked one, 10 weeks for the broken one.

By the end of the 10 weeks, I had beaten the cast pretty much into mush.
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I solved most my broken bones with paint sticks and duct tape. I do walk a little to the left.
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I was out rollerblading a couple of years ago. Wheels locked up and I did “superman” landing on my right wrist. Slight fracture. Go to a hand specialist and have them give it a good look. I have a great orthopedic surgeon, but you want a hand guy for this.
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Are you seeing a general orthopedist or a specific hand surgeon?

Distal radius fractures are common. The hardware available to fix the fracture are common and simple to use/ implant. If she also fractured the ulna they may not need to fix both. Depends on the severity and how well aligned the fractures are as she sits.

Good luck.

Get some one kind of auto ice machine for post surgery. It’ll make her (and yours) life much better. I’m for surgery now and not waiting.
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About 6 maybe 7 years ago, I broke my left wrist when I slipped off a ladder while cleaning out the rain gutters. I ended up at the hospital for a confirming X-ray and a splint. I went to a well regarded orthopedic surgeon, who casted it. I had a nondisplced fracture of my radius. I was supposed to be in the cast for 6 weeks, but took it off in 4, just before July 4 ( I was having trouble flounder fishing with the cast lol). Looking back, I should have gone the distance with the cast.. I was about your wife’s age when it happened. First broken bone I ever had. Self PT by squeezing a rubber ball and those grips.
nondisplaced usually do not require surgery. Displaced fractures are more likely to result in some type of open reduction with internal fixation, ie, hardware.
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Be sure she follows the specialists instructions or it could mend improperly. That would be hardon both of you
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Don't be cleaning/playing with your boat (on a ladder) when you are supposed to be helping your wife paint the bedroom. She still, to this day, reminds me that had I listened to her I wouldn't have got hurt.
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What I remember from my broken wrist from being young & stupid is after the cast came off soaking the wrist in a bucket of warm water when it ached which was quite often for about a year.
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Broke my wrist back in '85 19 at the time. I was riding a 10 speed downhill at a high rate of speed the chain came off locking up the pedals causing my foot to slip off and when it planted on the pavement pedal hit the back of my leg and the bike and I did a few cartwheels breaking my left wrist. I wore an elbow cast for approx 8-12 weeks. The main issue I had was exactly what the doctors told me I would have .. elbow pain from lack of mobility for at least 8 weeks. It probably took me six months before I could straighten my arm completely w/o pain.
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Do what the orthopedic guy says to do.

I have broken a little bone in my right wrist 6 times. The first time I broke it I did not know it was broken and went for about a year with a lot of pain some days/ nothing other days. .When I finally had it set it never healed well. I re broke it picking up a rock/ wrestling in my dorm room/ shoveling dirt.The best was as I was leaving the Dr office after cast removal I twisted the door knob and felt it let loose again. Bone graft took care of it.

I can predict the weather now!
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see a reputable ortho doc. and ask him all the questions! chances are he is going to know better than anyone on THT!

its a simple broken wrist most likely, cast it, cut it off in 6-8 weeks and move on! i have broken a total of 8 times my arm and or wrist. you name it i did it. never needed more than a simple cast. never had any pain. watched them set it in place and cast it with out taking pain meds.
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