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Broken wrist/advice

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do as the doc says when she sees him. don't take your cast off early, like I usually do LOL

the disturbing part of this post is two stories that all but blatantly blame kids for the injuries. Kids are there participating in a mostly kid activity. they are used to banging into one another and just bouncing back up. even if they know someone got hurt they do not understand how to properly handle a situation like that.

I skate regularly and can't imagine how many times I have been taken out buy a kid, that is just part of being there. My son broke his hand while skating, slid into a wall after someone else crashed and fell into my son. it happens.

I assume your wife was not wearing proper safety gear? seriously someone of her age (I am older) with little experience should at the very least be wearing wrist guards.
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Son fell after crashing his skateboard at .0001 mph and broke a few bones in his hand - the pins were sticking through the skin for 6 weeks until they could heal. Fast forward about 6 years and no ill effects. Let me know if you need a need a great hand / wrist doctor in Jupiter, FL.
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