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How far is your commute?

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My current commute is 27 miles each way (about 30 minutes). 22 miles is on 417 (toll road) and I leave the house around 6:00-6:10 AM so I miss most/all of the heavy morning traffic. I leave work around 4:00-4:30PM to avoid most/all of the heavy afternoon traffic as well.

Previous commute (17 years) was 3 miles.
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For five years I drove 54 miles about half that was on the Washington DC beltway. 1 hour and 40 minutes each way if traffic was normal. 3 hours on Fridays in the summer, due to people driving on I-95 for vacations. I can never get that time back, but the job I was driving to changed our lives for the better.
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OP that's not bad

I have a Northern VA commute which is the pits!

18 miles door to door, but depending on idiots- wrecks/weather- it can take 20 mins or 1.5hours!!!

I am fortunate that I am semi-retired and can come and go. friday afternoons heading south can be 2 hours!!!!!!
on fridays if in at office i leave around lunch and most days i am audi 5000 by 2. so my commute time is bearable
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12 miles door to door - averages 35 minutes. If it rains, 45 minutes. If there is a wreck, who knows how long. I have had it take an hour and half before. If it snows, I'm screwed.

Gotta love the ATL!
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Current commute is 16 miles/20 minutes

Job I just left was 36 miles, and 40 minutes if everything went perfect. It never did...on a good day it was 50 minutes, in a really bad day, up to two hours.

I will never do that again. I'm saving a ton on fuel alone, not to mention gaining back basically an entire working day a week. Plus, it's 10 minutes from daycare.

Alot of it is traffic though...I could do a long commute if there was never any traffic and it was the same every day. But a commute where one minor accident can screw up your whole day... Never again.
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I have three different ways to get to my office and each takes right at 30min.
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My 2.25 miles commute takes about three minutes, up to maybe five minutes in snowy weather. I am more likely to run into Elk than traffic - in the last two years there have been three killed on my route, thankfully none by me.
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Google Maps, informs me Daily @ 5:00,
Commute 2 Minutes. Traffic Clear
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I split time between 3 locations. 18 miles to one plant, 27 to the the another, and 32 to the 3rd. Depending on which one it's 30-45 min. The 45 min route is an optional 45 min. Possible to do it in 30, which I will do if I am traveling before/after rush hour. Otherwise I happily take the longer route to avoid inconsistencies.

I don't mind a bit of time in the truck. I can't stand the inability to get where I need to be in a predictable amount of time. Last job was 30 minutes in the morning, and often an hour or more in the afternoon. That drove me nuts. These days I hop on a 2 lane secondary road and my only possible delays are packs of bicycles or farm tractors.
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Originally Posted by Hooper View Post
I’m considering taking a new position with neighboring agency. I’m used to working in town where I live so I’ve been spoiled. The door to door distance is about 40 miles, 50 minutes each way.

How far is too far to be realistic? We might end up relocating if I take the job but we may stay put too.

whats your experience?
I've commuted as far as 55 miles each way.
Current commute is about 15 miles each way.

When I did the 55 mile commute from farm to office I had three stoplights, and the average time it took was about an hour.
Current route is about 20 minutes on average each way.

The killer is not how much but what kind of time you're spending...non-stop gridlock shortens your life, and changes your quality of life.
Smooth sailing is kind of pleasant ramp-up and unwind to each workday.

***Let me add, the flexibility on arrival/departure is a perk I offer all my staff, with liberal use of WFH when doable.

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For basically 4 years my commute was literally 2 min. I didn't even have time to listen to a full song on the radio. Just this past year we moved. Commute went from 2 min to a whopping 20 min with no traffic. The afternoons do slightly suck sometimes with traffic and sometimes it takes me 30-35 min.

I really have no complaints though. I think anything under 45 min is super reasonable in NJ.
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My commute is exactly 5.9 miles.

I am thinking about moving closer.
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Great stuff guys, thank you.

It would be a highway commute. Seasonally there could be some tough days, afternoon anyways. Other than a really bad wreck I don't anticipate it being all that bad.

My greater concerns are snowfall and a short turn around. I do a lot of double shifts, work 0730 until midnight, then back in at 0730. Right now at 12 minutes door to door, it's not bad. Tack an hour or even 45 minutes each way makes for a very short night.

Commute is just one of the considerations which I have been working through in my head as I decide to leave my current position. I view the times away from family as a significant negative as well.
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22 miles one way. Takes about 40 minutes on a good day.
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It's not the time or distance of the commute but the quality of it.

I worked in 5 states and needed my service vehicle so I was driving all over the place daily.

Miami was a frequent destination and I would have to deal with 1-95 during rush hour. 10 miles of travel on that road could make you nuts if it didn't kill you and you never knew how long it was going to take. Same for around Atlanta.
On the other hand I had some projects where I could run back roads through the woods per say and would be in better mental shape after 50 miles of that verses 10 miles of 1-95.

I could take 2 hours of cruising along each day way better than sitting in traffic for 2 hours slamming on the brakes every 100 feet.
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I did 80 miles one-way for about 6 months before my office moved, but later did 50 miles one-way on the PA Turnpike for 8 years. Costly, and gets old fast.

In the summer, I found that by Wednesday or Thursday, I had to pull over and take a 10-15 minute "power nap" on the way home.

Now it's far better - 100 feet to the end of my pier.
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4 minutes
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Previous job was about 15 minutes, I took a back road so very little traffic. Moved our office now takes less than 5 minutes and in the summer I frequently ride my bike which also only takes about 5 minutes.
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30 minutes there....almost an hour to get home.
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One hour each way, add snow and it was two hours, I put over 10,000 miles on my car in three months. It got old fast, now I have a different job with a home office. The walk to the coffee pot isn’t too bad though.
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