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Every day work shoes

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Originally Posted by GetReel View Post
thanks for the input guys - Im gonna give Keens another shot. I did own a pair a while back that seemed ok, maybe a tad heavy but thats not a big deal in the winter/fall. Recently got a pair of NB Walking shoes and they seem pretty comfy. Need more than one or two pairs of daily working shoes so all the suggestions are very helpful
If you try the Keens again, learn to lace and tie them properly. It makes a big difference on how they fit and feel. I complained about the fit when I tried them on at REI and the shoe guy there showed me how to properly use the upper lace hooks. Essentially, you don't cross the upper two you pull them straight through the hooks, then you cross the ends through the laces between the two upper hooks when you tie them.
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Eccos Track II the ones made in Sweden not the china junk.

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In my current rotation:

Keen steel toe ESDs for the plant...heavy, but very comfortable
Skechers loafers...AMAZINGLY comfortable, and look good
Clark's standard brown oxfords...for the price, you cannot beat Clark's for comfort and longevity. I've never been disappointed
Merrell jungle moc slip ons. Comfortable, easy shoe that lacks in the style department
...and finally, what I wear 80% of the time..Red Wing Heritage chukkahs. They were a bitch to break in but now feel great and will last forever. They go with everything.
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Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan and Florscheim loafers keep me covered. Otherwise itís topsiders or flip flops...
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Reebok Club Classic's Went through about three sets/year. Got blood on them, sweat, all kinds of betadine and soaps. Cleaned them up with alcohol wipes. After the insides started to fray they became "yard" shoes.
One time I purchased 20 sets because the university I attended was liquidating them from the bookstore. They had the college logo on them. Most people thought I was crazy or immature. I think they may have been on to something.

They are now made in China and have a real thin sole so I don't recommend them. In their day they were great.
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Timberland Pro Pit Boss soft toe!

I've been wearing them for years.
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Originally Posted by Chillinthemost View Post
Been wearing Doc Martins for years, very comfortable and last a long time.
They take a bit to break in, but once done, they are quite comfortable. Where I work, we have quite a bit of leeway on shoes in most areas. On the production floors the rules may vary somewhat, but it's always closed heel, closed toe. In the electronics facilities, some kind of grounding is needed, that's kind of hard to do with Docs, at least with the 8 eye Docs. In the machining facilities, steel-toed are usually required. Apart from that, I tend to cycle between a few different shoes: Vans, Chucks, and Docs for most situations.
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Originally Posted by Tx Skiff View Post

These guys have have a nice variety of shoes that have a changeable orthotic insert that fits your foot. They arenít cheap, but arenít really expensive, compared to most shoes..

They have menís & womenís shoes, from slaps to dress, seem to be well made and fit well. I noticed an immediate change in foot pain that had previously left me hurting pretty bad. Apparently my last few pairs of shoes were causing problems that were killing my feet. Apparently the Sperryís with the new liner donít offer the same support the previous ones did. Abeo has a boat shoe too, that doesnít look too bad, that I might try sometime.
A few years ago I had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. I ended up in The Walking Company Store, and $300.00+ later I was able to walk out in significantly less pain with Ecco shoes and Abeo Orthotics. Made a world of a difference.
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Originally Posted by rdmallory View Post
Eccos Track II the ones made in Sweden not the china junk.

How do you source the made in Sweden ones? I used to buy them from The Walking Company, but the prices keep going up and I started buying LL Bean ones in same style at 1/2 the price. They are comfortable, but not quite as much as the Ecco.
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Haven't needed 'work' boots for almost 50 years. Been wearing NB for at least 25 years around the office. For my days when I'm going to get my hands dirty or when I'm riding the UTV or scoot I wear Chippewa Engineer boots (I've had one pair over 20 years and they've been rebuilt at the factory a couple times). When I'm pretty certain it isn't going to rain, I'll wear one of my Ariat Western style boots. I like them, but when you get soaked and the boots fill with water, it kinda sucks. I'm a bit old school in some ways, my engineer boots and western boots are spit shined when I walk out the door.
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