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Tartar Sauce

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After a long winter in FL the 99 is one of the first places I hit when I get back to NE
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Originally Posted by casco_schooner View Post
After a long winter in FL the 99 is one of the first places I hit when I get back to NE
is the second place the shitter?
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you also need to add a little mustard and a LOT of paprika

I don't measure but:

little mustard
lemon juice
white pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
lot of paprika
sweet relish

it is better if made the day before but let it sit as long as you can (in fridge) before using
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Originally Posted by Onewolf View Post
"Wild Ocean Seafood Market" in Titusville makes/sells the best tartar sauce I've had.

OMGosh that shit is the bomb!!!! Don't know if they ship.
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Frisch's or go home.
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Originally Posted by WPBTH View Post
disgusting you should all be ashamed
Its the only acceptable condiment on a fried fish sammich
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Try a bit of caper juice in your tarter recipe it hooks it up for fried fish nuggets.
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A friend of mine has always made her own tartar sauce since she was young. This is her recipe that is locally made. It’s the only store bought tartar sauce I’ll eat.

WoW Wee Tarter Sauce | New Orleans and Cajun Food |

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y’all nasty (clevland brown voice) Mayo freaks me out. I do like a great shrimp and coctail sause tho.
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Originally Posted by hnmoss View Post
FWIW... my tartar sauce recipe includes mayo, sweet relish, salt, white pepper, onion powder and dill weed.
This same recipe with a dollop of sour cream has been my go to for years. I think tartar sauce is a lot like spaghetti sauce - you like what you grew up with.
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When we fry fish it’s pretty well seasoned so it’s a simple mayo and sweet relish mix. For fried clams which have little seasoning as the flavor is in the clam so I like to add a little mustard and chili pepper. Nice thing is it’s cheap to experiment and pretty hard to screw up tartar sauce. Capers are common but I don’t like them so they never see my recipe.

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Originally Posted by 757SeaHunt View Post
I just mix up some Dukes, Heinz sweet pickle relish, and a little Old Bay. All my friends and family like it.
Pretty close to my go-to. I'm not particular about the brand of mayo and I like to mince picked okra instead of pickle relish.

Originally Posted by Petemurph View Post
y’all nasty (clevland brown voice) Mayo freaks me out. I do like a great shrimp and coctail sause tho.
I read this in Cleveland's voice before you mentioned him.
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