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Beat up fisherman...?

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Originally Posted by Ken T View Post
I never could figure how I could get tired from fishing the Gulf Stream until I got a GoPro
Love it.....nice vid
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Are you just messed up from the chest up?
or are you beat up from the feet up?
i get beat all to hell but fish alone a lot. Throwing nets and driving the boat all day gets ya.
Min excited to try the 25 when itís done. Iím told 21 to 25 will help a lot.
Love those spaceship seats!
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I didnt read all the replies my schedule fishing offshore from a 36 CC when I was in shape.
One day to get the boat and myself ready, one day to fish, one day to clean the boat and fish. It is a lot of work no doubt. Doing all that in one day would be impossible for me.

Now that I'm in my 60's the heat in Florida kills me in the summer even in my now bay boat. I basically skip boating and motorcycle riding in the heat of the summer.
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YOGA! try training and keep in shape in winter , make sure you stay hydrated ! testoserone therapy is a consideration too
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You want to talk about beat up I used to spend the entire day before preparing the boat. Then we would go out on the water and drop pinfish traps off the same day. The next morning we were up at 3 a.m. put the boat in the Water by 4:30 and run a hundred and five miles one way. Then we would fish all day till about 6 in the evening and run home. By the time we got home it was 9:30 at night and sometimes we would stay up till midnight cleaning the boat in the fish and then have to finish up the next day. It was a 3-day process to make that trip and you pay for it for 2 days after
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Originally Posted by Celt View Post
Nope, I just believe in confronting bigotry and prejudice rather than indulging it and supporting it as you apparently do. Your karma, your choices.

Turns back to the threads intended topic....
Ok, Captain Social Justice Warrior! You come in to a fascinating thread to dump your personal, totally unrelated drivel to spoil a great discussion. Go take to the street and protest somewhere else.
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Thanks a LOT!!! . . . there goes another keyboard lost to a coffee cloud.
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Originally Posted by Celt View Post
Nothing like a pathetic attempt at homophobic humor to reveal ignorance. Itís 2019, even in Tennessee.
what does Tennessee have to do with it? Or is this a cheap shot trying to belittle someone, are you implying people from Tenn. are ignorant ?
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Originally Posted by tcesar View Post
Hey everyone!

Would like to get some feedback/advice. After ~6-8 hours on the water...20ft CC, moderate seas, saltwater trolling, sun etc. Note, I often fish solo. After I clean the boat and fish, Iím beat to hell for the next 24-36hrs... Iím in decent shape @55yrs. Exercise 3x a week. Iím not a jock, but Iím no slouch either. No ailments. Donít booze/drugs. What gives?

Iíve concluding that after I take my boat out, the following day Iím going to pay the price. Itís especially hard if I work the next day? Is this just me, or do others experience this? Note: Itís totally worth the pain, but whoa!!!

Any advice for a sore fisherman? LoL.
Iím 54 with Parker 2520. I fish a lot of long days, probably 1/2 of them solo. I have a 20ish mile run to and from my fishing grounds. Typical day is never shorter then 10 hours and frequently over 12. Iíve got an upgraded helm chair and an autopilot, without I would not be fishing nearly as many solo days. I always have big assed cans of ďMonsterĒ flavored ice tea, lemon, peach & raspberry flavored on the boat. BJís warehouse sells it by the case. It says on the cans not to drink more then 3 cans a day. This stuff is LOADED with caffeine. I pour the concoction over a full cup of ice. Refreshing and gives me a jolt of energy way more intense then black coffee. I call it ďFishing JuiceĒ typically drink two cans a trip with the third in reserve if I really need it. Coffee on the way out, can of Fishing Juice midday and then one more can on the way in to get me cranked up for unloading and cleaning the boat.

By the time the truck is loaded and boat cleaned my back is in agony and I am dragging ass, the hotter it is the more exhausting.

I always heavily ice the catch so no need to clean that night, occasionally I will but most of the time, I clean, vacuum seal and freeze the fish the next morning.

I have a lot of time off from work but when I do work, first work day is usually very long and always starts with an extremely early get up and a140-160 mile drive in followed by what is usually 10 or more hours on the job. Job requires concentration and being adequately rested both physically and mentally, subsequently I scheduled my fishing trips so that I also have the next day off to recover.

Not nearly as bad if I have some help unloading and cleaning the boat but solo, itís an ass kicker and you are not alone in feeling the effects.

I will add that it is a good kind of tired and I get a sense of accomplishment knowing that the only thing that prevented me from bringing home more fish were possession limits for just having one angler on the boat....
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