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I am done with Home Depot

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I had HD do all my windows several years ago. Great issue with a weird window. Sent a replacement within the week. Just had them install new carpet on stairs and landing. Very professional husband and wife team. Guess it is the luck of the draw!
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Originally Posted by fishingfun View Post
I'd tell them to leave now before they F up something of real value. From what I understand these "Approved Contractors" are just a contractor that jumped through a few hoops to get on their list. I don't think HD even stands behind their work but I could be wrong.
My neighbor re-did their whole kitchen through HD. Guy comes out to measure, screws it up, cabinets come in and they don't fit, and blames my neighbor for moving his window. Re-ordering the cabinets takes 6 weeks. 1 month job took 4 months.
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Thanks for telling me never going again.
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Originally Posted by RMSail View Post
My neighbor re-did their whole kitchen through HD. Guy comes out to measure, screws it up, cabinets come in and they don't fit, and blames my neighbor for moving his window. Re-ordering the cabinets takes 6 weeks. 1 month job took 4 months.
Sounds about right.

Funny but Not.
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Originally Posted by niteatnicks View Post
I just don't think talking to the manager would have gotten you any farther than the cart boy. They will not own up to it. (upper management made us do it.)
Dude, store managers can't even adjust the thermostat, everything's controlled by corporate; store layout, number of lanes total, number of self-checkout lanes... you name it.
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COMPLETE opposite of my area. Our Lowes are horrid! HD absolutely kills it in service, selection, and yes even had kitchen installed by HD contractor (turns out he owns local kitchen cabinet store himself and fills in with HD jobs when not booked himself). He was amazing talented) and 100% happy. Hell even bought appliances there and received a LG dishwaher with broken case (apparently dropped by forktruck but no real viable damage) and they drove me out a freakin loaner as replacement was on back order. They even came back out 10 months later adjust few doors, installed extra filller piece - all free. And I got 2 years 0% interest so I can use there money for free and just pay it off with zero interest- try that at a mom and pop place. And I often check prices and HD kills walmart and amazon on prices usually.

So the police traffic stop is HD's fault?

Your wrong on the self checkouts. The new design stores have cashier stations but they just look like self checkout as clerk stands next to you, not behind counter.

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Re: big box contractors...
Doesn't matter if it's HD. Lowes, Menards or any of the big stores. They are all trying to boost their bottom line with installed sales.
Problem is, the only contractors who sign on with them are ones that need work.
And there's a reason for that...

As far a service at the store though...Our local HD just kills it. They are on top of everything to do with stuff I order there.
I built 2 houses in the last 20 months and I sourced practically everything I could through them. The guys and gals at the Pro desk here flat out rock.

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Lady down the road used Lowes for a generator and installation. Told me I should use them because it was 18 months same as cash including install. I paid about $400 more for a local Generac dealer/installer. Cash upon completion. She thought I was stupid but her installers forgot to hook up the neutral and blew almost everything in her house. Lowes paid for all of her stuff but it took a few days. I paid $400 more, was done in a day, and haven't had any problems. The subs that Lowes and HD use apparently are hard up for work. The one they used for her genny was about 40 miles away. I'll NEVER use a Lowes or HD "approved" contractor.
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This the 1st time I've used them. The reason was I don't know any trust worthy contractors and didn't want to deal with scammers and dirt bags. I thought I'd be safe with a reputable company. So I had no clue. Live and learn.
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What's new? Trying to find anyone worth a crap in retail anymore is quite the adventure.
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I forgot the sub contractors we hired through HD. We had 2 floors installed in our bathrooms and the guys showed up on time and did a great job. We also ordered granite countertops and hired the sub through HD, again everything was done on time and no issues. We are going to have another floor installed that I told my wife I wanted to do it but she talked me out of it by reminding me that we have been very happy with HD's subs so why would I want to be on my hands and knees for hours when we can just hire someone......I really like the way she thinks!
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Originally Posted by slper View Post
Currently I have a Home Depot approved contractor in my house right now doing my counter tops. The are f'ing hacks! Ripping the old tops out tearing up the walls. If we didn't put towels over the top of the new dish washer the would have scratched that all to hell. I told them they had to remove the metal piece off the back of the stove in order for it to fit correctly. They didn't run a razor knife across the the op side of the old back splash and tore the textured paper off the sheet rock.
Here's what I've learned about sub standard work. The moment you see unacceptable work from a sub contractor or a line worker. DEMAND THEY STOP WORK. KICK THEM OUT. CALL THE COMPANY AND RIP THEM A NEW ONE.

I watched two guys come to do my carpeti g. One made a call and took off. The other guy destroyed the job. In retrospect I'll bet money the first took of to buy heroin.

Took me months of hassling to get job corrected
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I didnt have time to read all this but my company shops Home Depot on a daily basis. Never seen registers not open with cashiers.
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Im with you.. told my wife the other day when I discovered that our HD went this direction - I dont do self check out for free. If you want me to work in your store post a sign up front that say 20% off everything thing because we let everyone go. Fortunately im moving to a smaller town that still has hardware stores - I’ll gladly pay more.. call me old school but this is BS..
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Back in my younger years I was a subcontract installer for a granite company through Lowes. I was often put in the position of installing extremely heavy countertops on top of cabinets that were better off in a land fill. So many times they were rotten or so poorly installed previously that there was no way to make a perfect seam or a consistent overhang. Lowes had a policy of customers not having to pay if they were not 100 percent satisfied. I lost a lot of faith in people's common sense while doing that job. Slper a word to an able bodied man, I would never suggest letting someone else tear apart your house if you want it done carefully. Even if it is included.
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We found out one thing, when dealing with a big company like Lowes or HD, you have avenues to vent when things aren't done as they should have been done. Big Box hires folks to do work; when BB isn't happy, hired folks exit and new ones fix what was screwed up. Small box, mom n' pop, nit pick to keep it cheap. No matter what contractor you hire, there has to be something to push quality.

And on self check out, honestly I'd be happy never interacting with another cashier in my productive years. I can self checkout in less than a minute; a cashier's gotta' figure out where the UPC label is, count stuff and figure length, etc.. I'll take a minute anytime over 4-5 minutes of interaction.
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Originally Posted by fjmaverick View Post
The only thing I dont like about self checkout is buying anything that requires an ID and at costco when I have a car load of stuff that needs to be weighed inside the designated 2.5' area

Lowe's was the one that bought out all the Orchard Supplies only to close them right after
if you have to use self check out, you should get a discount. i mean they're not having to pay an attendant to work a cash register.
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Originally Posted by smooth move View Post
if you have to use self check out, you should get a discount. i mean they're not having to pay an attendant to work a cash register.
The discount is if the item doesn't scan you get it for free. You just have to walk out the exit holding it above your head.
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I used to love Home Depot and I would go out of my way to go there. When they first starting popping up in NJ around 25 years ago, they hired retired tradesmen or ones looking to supplement their income. I could go in the store and get real info on how to do something. As a young early 20 something homeowner on a tight budget, their customer service and experience was invaluable in fixing things that I couldn't afford to pay to have fixed.
In what I am sure was a cost cutting measure, they replaced all the knowledgeable floor people with ones who they could pay a lot less. You're lucky to find someone who knows the difference between a socket and a screwdriver now,
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Stick with ACE hardware if one is near you.
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