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Parker 2530 thoughts?

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I like the looks of the boat but I have never been on one. I almost ordered one about 10 years ago but thinking about paying for 15 years changed my mind. I showed my daughter a picture of the boat when I was about to order one and her comment "that is an ugly boat, it looks like an old people boat".
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I like the pilot house design. I will be looking at them in a few years Parker and judge are on my list
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I owned a 25' Pilothouse, the 2520DV which is the deep Vee (21 degree dead rise) for 9 years. It also had an engine bracket, which made the cockpit huge.

Biggest mistake I ever made was selling that boat.
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Originally Posted by John_Madison CT View Post
I owned a 25' Pilothouse, the 2520DV which is the deep Vee (21 degree dead rise) for 9 years. It also had an engine bracket, which made the cockpit huge.

Biggest mistake I ever made was selling that boat.
i have one with a rear station, braclet and twin 200 hpdi. Great boat and fast.
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You cannot swing a dead cat and not hit at least 6 Parker 2530s here on the Chesapeake Bay.

They have an outstanding reputation around here.
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Steiger > Parker

I flush mounted a 9" evo3 in the cockpit to see sonar, bread crumb trails on the drift and auto pilot controls for trolling.
Is it March yet?

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I love Parker’s. My older brother had a 2320 for 13 years and just sold it about six months ago to upgrade to a Grady 30 marlin. We fished it everywhere from NC to off Venice, LA for tuna.

I ran it for about 8 months when he was landlocked and I was living in Pensacola. The 2530 would be great. It does ride a little harder since you’re further forward but you’re protected from the elements. Most of my time spent on it was in Florida and it was very comfortable in the summer heat. In fact I’d prefer it to a Center console as it provides more protection from the sun. Open the front windows and you get plenty of air flow through the Cabin.

I would consider a 2520 or 2530 for my next boat but I want one with a cabin to spend weekends on with the wife so the spartan Parker wouldn’t cut it. If I was single I’d have one yesterday.
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Originally Posted by savedbygrace6868 View Post
Pros and cons of Parker boats? What are your thoughts?

I just finished my 13th season with a Parker 2520. Boat was a year old when I bought it so 14 years of use on the Parker. My engine blew this September with 1843 hours so it’s repower time. Boat has been used hard on almost every trip of it’s service life either filled with tech dive gear or coolers and fishing gear and almost every trip is in open New England Ocean Waters, April-November. You can tell that my 14 year old Parker is not a brand new boat but the boat doesn’t seem to have been strained even a little by those 14 years. I hope I get another 14 years or more with the same Parker and it’s new engine.

The stories are sure to start about the Parker “awful ride” to a degree they are true. The pilot house sits forward as does the helm position and in a head sea you will feel it.

I LOVE my Parker BUT if you are looking for a boat to run 25-40kts in 2-4s, you will NOT be happy with the ride of a Parker. I operate in 2-4s all the time and will not hesitate to fish the Block Island Area, lets call it 20 miles to the fishing grounds with actual 2-4s BUT on the 2-4 days, I am gonna be making 12-15kts tops. Any faster will beat the snot out of you. Now once you get to the grounds, the boat will drift better then virtually every other boat out there. Fantastic fishing platform once you’re there. When running on those choppy days, I’m dry and with an upgraded helm chair comfortable watching the autopilot do it’s business, listening to tunes and sipping a beverage while being 100% dry in rain, spray or snow. Windows Rainexed, RADAR on and you can plow through a lot of cold and shitty days that will have a LOT of those great riding CCs on the dock.

Rock solid boat in all respects. THTers who have never owned a Parker will be quick to call the Parker down, wood in the build, shitty ride and will tell you just about every other pilot house in production is “better” for one reason or another. I don’t have experience with all the other pilot house boats in production, so perhaps they are actually all superior to Parkers, if that’s true all I can say is HOLE E FUCK those must be some incredibly well built and thought out boats, because I would change very little on my 2520 after running it thirteen seasons.

I am not a wealthy man but I could swing a boat financially 2 or more times the price of my Parker 2520 with no push back from the old lady. When I start thinking “upgrade” or visit a boat show, I can’t come up with a boat that does what I need a boat to do any better then my Parker.

I would visit Classic Parker and check some other forums for a less biased view on Parkers. Some brands of boats seem to get almost a God Like reputation on THT, some other builder’s IMO don’t get a fair shake. I think most former or present Parker owners will have a lot more good then bad to say about their Parker Experience but for some reason Parker’s seem to be a target for a lot of negative reviews on THT typically from “salts” who have “fished a LOT of Parker’s” but typically they don’t or have never actually owned a Parker.

On THT Parker is to Raymarine what Simrad is to Regulator You’ll have THTers creaming their shorts over both Regulators and Simrad Electronics even though there is a decent chance they’ve never actually owned either and the same guys who have never owned a Parker or a boat equipped with current Raymarine Electronics will tell you how Parker’s suck and Raymarine Electronics is junk. Mean while many of us who actually own Parker Boats and Raymarine Electronics are quite happy with both.

LOTS to like IMO about a Parker Pilot House but if you’re looking for high speed transport to or from distant offshore grounds, look elsewhere. The Parker will get you to the fishing grounds and back but the Parker Pilot House design does have it’s limitations on ride comfort in the chop if you need to get there and back at high speed.

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Very well written post describing pilot house boats functionality to the OP. Parker, Judge or Steiger- they all make similar boats with a few different bells and whistles. If that is the style of boat your after, they all provide that great fishing platform and comfortable dry ride with a quality hull and build. I would be happy to own any one of them and much prefer them over a CC. When I was looking for a new boat last year, I went back and forth from the pilot house to a Cobia CC. The cobia had some nice bling and amentities, but that enclosed wheel house and big cockpit was the real selling feature for me.

Anyone getting beat up in a pilot house boat is in too much of a hurry. Slow down, trim down and they plow like tanks.

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Here’s my 95 2530 MV with twiin Evinrude 150s. Cruise is 30mph at 13gph. Tops out at 45mph. I added the rear station this summer. Recently installed a diesel heater too. It’s a year round boat. Open the windows in the summer and plenty of breeze. Perfect boat for the Potomac where I live.
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Thanks MPellet
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Originally Posted by savedbygrace6868 View Post
Thanks MPellet
You are welcome.

One thing I failed to mention but the last poster did alluded to are TRIM TABS. They are critical in improving the ride and with proper technique combined with engine trim can vastly improve the ride. Not implying that you’re gonna be able to “fly” in the chop just because you’re tabbed down but you can utilize trim to make the ride much more comfortable at reasonable speeds for conditions.

Best of luck, happy to try and answer any specific questions you might have.....
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