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MOTHER of all termite mothers??

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Originally Posted by Jimco View Post
Can't see his head well enough to be sure but it looks like a Sawyer worm.
Roundheaded borer larvae
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May be an old house borer larve.
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Originally Posted by bullhead1 View Post
It doesn't look exactly like my pine borers, but similar. I can hear those things munching on my pine trees as I walk past. Once I hear them, it is too late and I will have to be using a chain saw soon. I have not had any luck with insecticide drench on trees where I hear them. They continue to eat and grow on the wood stacked on my woodpile, so I have to burn the wood before they morph into adults. If they are just under the bark and get exposed during handling, my chickens make a feast of them.
Pine Tree Killers. They just got another one of mine. Creepy when it's real quiet out and you can hear them grinding away.

And a Bluegill or Shellcracker will climb out of the water for one.
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We get grubs just like that in Arizona.
They bore into the roots of Palo Verde trees .
Probably why Palo Verde trees fall over so often.
Landscaper told me every Palo Verde has at least 1 grub eating on it.
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I don't know what kind of grub it is but I think I saw Andrew Zimmern put one on a on a stick, crisp it up a bit and make a snack out of it.
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