Triggerfish bite

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Fake news
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Originally Posted by View Post
Easiest to just string them through the mouth on the stringer = no bites

This works if you use the heavy rod type stringer. I have seen people that have been bitten using the home made cable type stringers that are popular in our area. The 1/8" cable is not big enough to keep the teeth apart. They are handy for being out of the way in your BC pocket unitl you need them but they wont stop a trigger bite
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That's a self correcting problem!!!
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Thankfully I'm up north. I'd rather deal with the bears.
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Ascension Island has some of the most aggresive trigger fish I have seen anywhere in the world. They're like pyranas

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One of our trips back when it was open with red snapper

Here is a 12# one I shot. I didnt think anything about a record book. Found out later would have been in top 10 for spearfishing. Too late we ate him. You might be a redneck if......
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Originally Posted by briankinley2004 View Post
The first thing that should be done when shooting a trigger fish before removing from the spear is to insert your dive knife into his mouth and using leverage cut the jaw where the upper and lower lips intersect. This will make him where he is unable to bite. The other option is to use one of those big loop type stringers with the metal rod instead of cable. Insert through the mouth instead of eyes. I prefer the first method. I have been in schools of them on oil rigs where they try to nibble on your ear lobes and on fish you shoot. Those are the ones that will get you and you cant do much about.
Yes. This. Every fish I shoot gets strung through the eyes. Except triggers. Triggers get strung gill to mouth. Never trust that a trigger is dead.
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I'm wearing a cup the next time I go swimming in the ocean.
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Years ago when I used to spear fish oil rigs off the coast of Sabine Tx I felt my head hit what I thought was a cross pipe of a rig as I was ascending slowly but looking down. I started noticing some blood in the water and looked up to see a bowed up trigger fish,realized then it had just bit me. I poked it my spear tip and I swear all it did was make it more aggressive. Little bastard was lucky I didn't feel like cleaning trigger fish. I had a little trigger fish bite imprint on my forehead for about a week. Good thing they have small mouths and don't get any bigger than they do.
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Doesn’t look “tippy”
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That must be his trigger finger...
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Got bit pretty bad while diving from a liveaboard in Koh Lanta Thailand, made sure I had one for dinner as soon as I got back to the mainland for revenge. They feed the fish to bring them in to the divers and the trigger fish have gotten very aggressive. I carry my spare regulator mouthpiece in my hand now instead of tucked into my bcd, its my weapon when aggressive fish get too close.

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