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CCW for woman...

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All small revolvers (snubbies) are difficult to master.They are equipped with strong springs and a very short sight radius and hard to hold on target reliably.A good action job and a spring kit will really help,but there is no substitute for extensive range time.Using 125 grain 38 spl ammo will help control recoil.A laser is a very valuable training aid because ot gives the shooter a visual of how much trigger pull affects the aim point.It also makes the mental connection to aid in point shooting.
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Originally Posted by SquidsDusky View Post
Take a look at the Ruger LCR or LCRX. Lightweight, polymer frame 38's. Can handle +P ammo. Will not jam or malfunction. Most women can't rack the slide on most autos, and can't comprehend that they are a "machine". You need to understand how they work. Revolvers are a no brainer in a panic situation. Go with the Hornady Lite ammo and don't look back.
Agree fully. To the naysayers regarding light weight wheel guns kicking, try the Hornady Lite ammo. It is a game changer in these light guns. Bottom line for me is while I can probably train up anyone on a manual of arms, a wheel gun just goes bang every time the trigger is pulled. Most do need to have their triggers worked on a bit out of the box, but that is easy and cheap.

With an auto you have multiple operational malfunction risks. Inability to rack the slide, clearing a malfunction, and most of all, they are prone to stovepipe if you limp wrist them. And when it's all said and done, the recoil in a small auto is still pretty significant. I would much rather fight one battle than 3. In a most likely scenario it's the first shot finding it's way home that is most important, followed closely IMO by followups requiring zero thought.
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Unless she does malfunction drills and is proficient at them then she needs a hammer less revolver. Without a hammer it won't get hung up when she tries to pull it out of the holster. If the gin malfunctions in a high pressure situation then just pull the trigger again
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Smith model 351c. 9 shot 22 mag
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A single stack Glock.

Glock 42 in .380 or Glock 43 in 9mm with +P Federal 124gr HST ammo with extended mags/grips has my vote. 10rnds capacity.

Even the Ruger LCP II is a nice purse gun and cheap.

I like Revolvers for backup guns but not as a primary defense weapon. They don't have enough capacity and can be a pain in the ass to reload under pressure without extensive and regular practice.
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She's a former Marine . . . like I had ANY say in her carry weapon Colt Defender, 45 ACP of course.
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Originally Posted by RIDE2GETHER View Post
She's a former Marine . . . like I had ANY say in her carry weapon Colt Defender, 45 ACP of course.
Ooorah!!! Sweet!
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I like the Glock 42 and the LCR 22 magnum.
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My wife scored expert in the USCG twice with a 1911 and can still bust targets regularly with one but her gun of choice is a J-Frame 638. She has 2. Most self defense shootings are within 10-15 feet so the laser is a joke. If you can't hit a torso size target at that range with a "point and shoot" you need to go back for more training.
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I can't say Ooorah because we were Coasties but hat's off to your bride.

My Dad was a jarhead so maybe I can say Ooorah!. God bless what y'all do.
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