leukemia fishing tournament?

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Default leukemia fishing tournament?

Long story short my younger brother who is 30 was just diagnosed with CML which is a form of luekemia. Dr has high hops with modern medicine that he will live a normal life providing his body cooperates with his medicine. This obviously was a shock to all of us considering he didn't show any signs of anything. He found out from routine bloodwork. This has got my brain going and i want to get involved. Has anyone ever put on a fishing tournament? Anyone ever started a nonprofit? I have a full time job and a part time job so there is zero interest in making any money for myself off this what so ever. I was thinking something small maybe a fishing tournament in my part of the bay even if its only 10 boats and money goes to research for leukemia. Has anyone ever done anything like this? the thought just popped in my head today while driving from work. I just want to get involved more then just donating money. Any thoughts?
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Sorry to hear about your brother. I have no experience in starting a foundation but if it were me, I’d get in touch with other small foundations and ask for advice there. I’m sure you’ll find lots of people with experience and advice there. Good luck and my prayers are with y’all.
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Sorry to hear about your brother. Hope he lives a normal long and healthy life.
Just a thought but you should try doing something more people can attend. A fishing tournament is limited to people with a boat.
I’d try a walk, BBQ, fundraising event, etc... that way you’d get a bigger crowd and the possibility to raise more money.
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I started a foundation for brain cancer. It is a lot of work and expenses to run. It is very exciting work but also very sad. I lose a member every day and we get emotionally involved in them. I gave out our first million dollar grant last week. We are doing things that have never been done before and have saved some lives and are involved in the latest research.

Howver there are already too many cancer organizations which makes it hard to raise money.
Your effort might be better spent volunteering for an existing foundation. The leukemia and lymphoma society is a great organization. I would start there. They have ideas for you to use for fundraisers and help you do it. They will Handle the website and collecting money and insurance. And people will feel better donating to an established nonprofit instead of a new one

at at this point starting a new nonprofit is only worthwhile if you have ideas that the existing nonprofits are not doing already

good luck to your brother
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Thanks to an enormous team of doctors, families and scientists pushing the boundaries of medical treatment, I beat leukemia almost 35 years ago. So first, thank you for wanting to help.

You can start here to see what is already going on in your area:

There is a LOT of money being pushed toward cancer research - the Pan Mass Challenge (a local bike ride) has raised just shy of $600 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (without which I would not be sitting behind this keyboard antagonizing all of you).

There is less money going to support the actual victims and their families - treatment (even if you are lucky enough to have insurance) is massively expensive. Time off of work, hotel rooms, parking all adds up very, very quickly and there is a large fundraising gap. That's why you see so many Go Fund Me accounts for cancer treatment.

If you want to do something personally, I'd reach out to your local hospital or cancer treatment center and find out if they have any funds to support the families.
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I just want to do something to help. I ran my first 5k this past sunday. The wife's work sponsored it so i was kind of forced to participate, but i tell you what man i really enjoyed myself. Everyone together for a good cause cheering each other on to finish the race, it was amazing so I really want to get involved so i am going to check out some of the suggestions of things you all have mentioned. I just thought a fishing tournament would be fun to do maybe among my network of people who fish our river. I just want to get involved.
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The local LLS chapter in Savannah,GA does a Luekemia cup fishing tournament each year. I know its a lot larger than what you could undertake initially, but I bet they would provide you a lot of info so that you would know what is needed to start one. Of course, that means funds are going to LLS. No matter which charity you decide to benefit, it will all be worth the effort knowing you made an impact. Good luck!

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