Start stop technology

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Default Start stop technology

Anyone have this. Daughter looking at one has a=a chance to get a new vehicle at a substantial discount like 10 off the MRSP on a $37,000 2018 Traverse. Used ones are about the same price so looks like a deal.

I suspect there is more wear on starters and other parts especially when cold. Anyone hear of any real world experience? I know it has no real advantages for the consumer except for this reduced price which is important. Daughter does 25,000 + a year and gets a new car every 4 to 5 years. Wants this for carpooling as a soccer sports mom. Currently had F-150 with crew cab which she will keep too.

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In Ct it may not be an issue but what happens to the AC in 106 degree heat stopped at a light for 5 minutes In (FL) ?

Hopefully that crap can be turned off !!!
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had a weekend getaway a few months ago & the car we rented had that
Freaked me out. Found the bypass buttone
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I have not seen any more starter or battery problems as of yet but common sense tells me they are coming. Also the newer starters are tiny as these cars age I expect the tow trucks will be busy
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1) Vehicle is designed for Start/Stop with heavier duty components.

2) Saves gas.

3) Has disable button.

Standard on m most F-150s now also.
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I know this wasn't your question but Subaru just came out with the Ascent with three seats for a similar price, capacity, and MPG. And like Mr Skiff said, you can leave the engine running. Never thought I would plug Subaru but we just bought Michelle an Outback last year and really like it. Wish we had waited on the Ascent.

BTW: Still have a Tahoe and a Hummer so I didn't have to send in my man card.
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I have it on my new Toyota Highlander. It doesn't bother me at all. When the AC is needed, the car starts back up, so it doesn't go off nearly as much is the hot florida summer.

In the year I have had the car, it shows that the engine has turned off at red lights for over 29 hours! About half of the time at red lights the engine is off, then it restarts for the AC.

Anyway, if 29 hours is half, the 58 hours is how much time I have spent at red lights in one year..... Holy crap... that is depressing. 14K miles in a year.

Anyway, I don't think it is bad at all. I say, go for it!
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Originally Posted by rickboat View Post
1) Vehicle is designed for Start/Stop with heavier duty components.
2) Saves gas.
3) Has disable button.
Standard on m most F-150s now also.
Wrong on 2 of your 3 statements - only saves some gas is correct.
In the Traverse, like every GM vehicle that has start-stop, there is no switch to turn it off.
Start-stop cars use the same exact starter as every other vehicle built without out - the current GM V6 that has start stop uses the same starter as the 2017 version of that engine without it.
I doesn't save enough fuel in 50,000 miles to pay for even 1 new starter.
I had a Chevy Malibu in Miami last week, which has no defeat button - it sucked sitting in 90 degree sunshine with the fan blowing non-a/c air - the car never got below 80 inside.
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My MB has a button to turn off and I find myself turning it off it can be annoying in traffic at lights etc.
The engine will stay on if the inside temp setting is not satisfied or the engine is not up to temp. The motor stops on a compression cycle so when you take your foot off the gas it starts seamlessly. But it is still annoying and by habit I just turn it off.
Stupid really.
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Wife just got a '17 Grand Cherokee that has it but fortunately it has an off button. There's actually a separate battery for the start-stop system, in a compartment under the passenger seat behind the main battery. If it needs a jump (or to give one), there's a + and - stud under the hood.
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Toyota has had them for at least a decade and they are as a reliable brand as you can get.
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I just bought a new Acura..actually a 2018, largely because it did NOT have that dumass "convenience", I refused to even look at anything with stop/start. There wasn't a bigger deal breaker in my book.
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I am in the starter and alternator reman business. On a fairly large scale. I do not like start/stop technology and intend to never own a vehicle with it that can’t be disabled.

That said, the starters are not remotely an issue. Some are regular starters, some have dual coil solenoids. We are not going to see any extra work due to their existence by any noticeable amount. Starters nearly never wear out. They frequently break, due to a variety of issues, none of which has anything to do with frequency of use. Mostly people holding the key too long causing them to get spun out, and people running a battery until it flat out won’t go any longer. Both practices destroy them. Also some garbage designs where the designer of the starter has to shoehorn a smaller than ideal unit into a spot it barely fits, often with exhaust heat only a few MM away. Auto start/stop addresses the key thing, as do many other cars with tap to crank. Battery replacement on time is a user thing, and design, well, best I can tell will always be hit or miss.

Plenty of reasons I dislike it, comfort mostly, but don’t worry about the starter at all. It can take it.
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Thanks - lots of great input- I am forwarding a link to this post for her. A lot of things to check out on a test ride at the dealership.
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Wife's car has it........The "Disable" button is on permanently. Found it to be a real PIA. When she uses the car, the starter is only engaged once for her trip, not over 20 times for each light and traffic situation encountered. IF you buy the vehicle, I would make sure the car has a disable button and NOT go on the salesman telling you so. Test drive the vehcile she wants to buy and use the DISABLE button.
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Had a BMW and now Ford F-150. Have had no issues. Hard to understand all the complaints. When temperatures are extreme cold, or hot it does not shut off. Ford is much smoother restart than the bummer. How hard you hold the brake peddle at a stop prevents shut off. Saves fuel, durable, don't see an issue.
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We have had 2 MB with start stop. Been flawless. Works super quick. Comes back on if cooling is required.

Never been too hot or too cold because of it.

I dont have it on my older daily but it doesn’t bother me. Don’t care what the car is doing under me running errands or commuting
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I had a rental Mercedes while my truck was in the body shop, the only annoyance was when the engine shut off it felt like I got tapped in the rear. It started and drove on without an issue , I never heard the starter wind the engine (compression system as mentioned?} .
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Drive any car/truck in sport mode as the default and that feature will disabled
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I have it on my 2016 F-150 and I disabled it after one week. It took me all of 10 mins to do it. I figured, the gas it saved me would buy a new starter, on the second day after the warranty expires.

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