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Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 04:58 PM

Is my neighbor being a dick?
Ok hear me out.
My neighbor is a nice guy. He just installed a gravel parking spot for his kid who moved into his finished basement. Kid is ok.
Every time it rains the gravel washes into the street.
We live at the end of a dead end street so itís just us. At the bottom of a small hill.
My 7 y/o loves riding his scooter and bike out on the road and it is a super safe place for him to do so.
With this new parking spot the gravel is like I said all over the road after a rain. I take my backpack blower and blow it back in. Iím starting to get pissed. I have asked nicely 2 times for them to somehow fix the issue. I even offered to help. Still nothing. So today I blew the gravel up their paved driveway and left it in front of their door.
Now. Your probably wondering why Iím so pissed. 2 weeks ago my kid slid on the gravel. Fell and punctured his knee to the tune of 10 stitches.

In the opinion of tht. Am I justified in being pissed.

Im ready for a war. Or if he wants to behave I will be a good neighbor. Itís just bullshit in my eyes.

porcha 08-20-2018 05:03 PM

blood has already been spilled, the war has begun

edwardh1 08-20-2018 05:03 PM

let it go.
not too many laws on controlling your gravel

Fish'nFool 08-20-2018 05:05 PM

Does your neighbor know that your son slid in the gravel and got cut?

rusbob 08-20-2018 05:06 PM

You do what you want, but I like to keep the peace with my neighbors. You just escalated things by putting the gravel at the front door. Kids fall down when riding bikes, sometimes they get hurt. Sounds like you need to find an HOA to be president of.

Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 05:07 PM

I agree no laws on the gravel. But it is his and it isnít supposed to be in the road.
He should fix it to contain it to his property. I just think itís a dick move not to fix the problem.

Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 05:08 PM

Yes they know he got 10 stitches 2 weeks ago and nothing has been done.

mhedrick 08-20-2018 05:10 PM

State Road or private?

Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 05:11 PM

Not looking to be a head of HOA.
i take care of my yard. Every spring and fall I take care of leaves in street.

Just wonder why why I need to maintain his mess. We have always got along. But this is on him. No?

Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 05:12 PM

Town owned road

Jersus 08-20-2018 05:12 PM

Pics of neighbors wife?

burn his house down

have your son bust a cap in him, then claim syg.

back at it 08-20-2018 05:13 PM


Swedeviking1 08-20-2018 05:14 PM

Wife is nice. But no way do want pics of it.

padidvr 08-20-2018 05:14 PM

This super safe place on the road where the rain is washing the gravel, do you own it as in private road or is it a city public road?

Reel Costa 08-20-2018 05:15 PM

Burn. It. Down.

IMPLiberty 08-20-2018 05:15 PM

Would a small piece of wood the width of the parking space, cut on an angle to make driving over it easy, hold the gravel back? If it would, I probably would offer to do it for him. Sounds like he's not interested in fixing the issue himself.

skibum 08-20-2018 05:16 PM

We are going to need the Huey...

Any goats involved?

padidvr 08-20-2018 05:17 PM

Neighbor not being a Richard, but i think you just escalated it.

bikem 08-20-2018 05:17 PM

Life is full of obsitcals especially in extreme sports like cycling and skateboarding. Not the neighbors fault and your son will figure it out and be a stronger person for it. Don't be so over protective. And make him wear safety equipment if your that concerned.

Mako 234 08-20-2018 05:18 PM

slash his kid's tires

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