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ppine 07-20-2018 08:04 AM

Congratulations. You just made a life changing decision. You were showing all the signs.
I have plenty of experience with alcoholism. I have been with a great woman for 20 years. She used to have a drinking problem. It was her only flaw. Now she doesn't drink. It changed everything. Now I drink much less and never to excess. Life has gotten really good.

ed d 07-20-2018 09:19 AM

Gotta find something to occupy your drinking time or you'll get bored and back to drinking . It's the beginning that's the hardest . AA fills it with lots of meetings - 90 the first 90 days . I did it and did 90 / 90 years ago but went back to drinking but it works for many . It's that free time that will get you and it will take some time , maybe months , to adjust your life . There's a nice lake that I still go to and walk around occasionally - I just walk around it checking thing's out and sometimes bs a minute with someone about fishing - it's clears the head and I feel better after . A goal or project is good or have a kid like these other guy's in their 40's , ha ha , man that would scare me , best of luck fella's . It's a bit empowering in that you are gaining back a Bit of control over your life ( and you won't realize it for a couple months ) and in the grand scheme of things every Bit has value - job has control over your life , Government has control over your life , fast food , tit's , whatever - getting any of it back is good and this one is not only Free it will save you money which unfortunately has the most control over your life . Like I said I like being sober and the longer you are the better it gets - it's a lot smoother ocean to run on .

I tend to think of alcoholism as a symptom rather than the problem itself , at least in my case , but the problem is it gets so ingrained that it becomes the problem over shadowing whatever the original cause . Say drinking to feel more comfortable in social situations becomes drinking that affects all aspects of life rather then just social events .
It's a process that I am only 1 year into which isn't jack so I'm trying to figure it out as I'm writing this . So far , So good , So what :grin:

ppine 07-20-2018 12:40 PM

Your friends will help you quit.
Your drinking buddies will do everything they can to get you to drink again. They are your "low companions."

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