What's your excuse

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Default What's your excuse

I had to work last night, went to bed for a three hour nap and the door bell rings....It's Lowes with the new freezer, they were supposed to give me a call two hours in advance so I could move things out of the way.

I ask them if they wanted to wait about an hour while I moved everything or did they want to come back today...There coming back today around 12:00 P.M. no...wait they just called and will be here anytime now.....that's fine I'm ready for you now.....I told them.

I even moved the old Refrigerator out front for them to haul away....replacing a garage refer with the freezer. Can you believe no one wants the old refer, (15 years old) but the neighbors all know it runs great....they all drink beers from it.....

The kitchen refrigerator and all appliances in there will be delivered August 11th & 12th another weekend of no fishing and boating, but the Admiral will be happy.....and we all know what's up with that.

So, why are you here reading "THT" instead of Boating or Fishing....
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Default Re: What's your excuse


Yea, I couldn't unload an old refridge. There are local websites - that advertise local freestuff for no charge.

OK I just tried it - punch in freecycle in your search engine and you can find a local group....
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Default RE: What's your excuse

Because I am here, working (and hiding from a gang of heavily armed rednecks, but that's a different thread )

Iceberg Al
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