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why canít they..

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Default why canít they..

Why canít manufacturers adapt their products to reflect changes in the usage?

Example; My son travels a fair amount for work these days as do or did many of us. On a recent trip he brought home some wandering bedbugs. After dealing with the little critters he went out and bought the bedbug covers for his mattress and box springs. This issue has gotten a lot of press in the last couple of years so why donít the mattress makers use the bedbug resistant coverings in the manufacturing process?

It would be cheaper to do it that way and much more consumer friendly.
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The cost to do so will drive the price of the mattress up and people have the option of buying the bed bug proof covers to them, won't happen till it's required by federal law or offered as a option on the mattress.
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Why make everyone pay more when only some want or need the feature. It's called supply and demand.
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Try do all the time. In this case, most of us don't need bed bug covers so collectively it would cost more just to provide something only a few need.
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If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance.

Yeah that worked out great.

Same concept. Why make people pay for something they feel they will never use.
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Have you seen the price of a new car/truck lately. All of these ďgood ideasĒ that someone (typically at an insurance company or in the government) thought should be mandatory. Granted a lot of the tech has driven up prices as well.

Backup cameras are a great example. Sure they make it safer to back up. Does a lack of them make a vehicle inherently insafe though. I like them and think they are great. But they should not be mandatory until the market calls for them to be.
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mattress buying is a circus
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