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PSA Don't forget your plug

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Default PSA Don't forget your plug

Headed out to go fishing for a couple of hours last night to go fishing. Dropped the boat in the water started to idle down the canal to open water about 1/2 mile or so got almost to the end and there was a kid there with a flats boat transom nearly under water. I asked what was going on and if I could help. He was a little panicked saying he forgot to put his plug in, and his bilge pump was not working. He was trying to hang off the transom and put the plug in. The boat was too full of water at this point to try and jump on plane to drain the water, I told him that he was going to have to jump in the water and feel for the plug. He looked at me and replied "Really?" I said yep, he tried a few times with no success and at this point his boat was filling quickly. I secured my boat with my trolling motor jumped in swam over and put the plug in, pushed the boat over to the side of the canal where it was shallow enough we could stand up and trimmed the motor into the bottom.

At this point I knew the boat was stable albeit completely full of water but his motor was not going to go under. I swam back over to my boat grabbed a couple of small buckets that I had and we started bailing water. Obviously we had a bit of time to talk while we were bailing water, he told me that this was the first boat he has ever bought and it was his maiden voyage with it. I gave him some of the best advice I had and we joked a little about 2 things he will never forget, 1. A plug 2. Making sure his bilge pump works before leaving the dock. After we got enough water out that we could safely get it back to the dock I climbed aboard my boat, hooked up a rope and towed him back to the dock. He thanked me over and over tried to give me every dollar in his wallet.

Other than missing a relaxing evening of fishing and swimming around in fuel laden canal water I am no worse for wear. So moral of the story check your bilge pumps & check your plugs!
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Great advice and good on you for doing the right thing!
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The amoeba burrowing from your ear canal into your brain is happy too!
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We've all been there at one time or another. Karma will surely surprise you for your efforts.
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Look... we've all done it. Good for you for helping him out and passing on solid advice. Good karma coming your way.
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Good man
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Lurker you get to the smoky s look me up I'll take you fishing.
. All the best. Good folks on tht
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Originally Posted by Fish Haid View Post
The amoeba burrowing from your ear canal into your brain is happy too!
Ha ha I thought about that. I was a little cut up from oysters and I know a customer that nearly lost his leg to an infection not too far away a couple of years ago. This was right after a round of thunderstorms so there was not very many people around but there was one guy that put in right before me and drove right past the kid. He was probably 100 yards ahead of me and never even stopped, literally idled 10' past the kid! I left a note on his windshield calling him a scumbag signed the guy who watched you drive past a kids boat that was sinking.
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Default Way to go, Lurker.

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I was that kid once. It was my first boat, first trip, as well.
A-hole that sold me the boat took the bilge pump out between water test and delivery. Being new and inexperienced I I never noticed. Had a wide open hole that filled with water in minutes. Luckily there was a sandbar nearby. Good times!

An experienced boater such as the OP helped me plug the hole enough to get the boat back on the trailer. Good on you Lurker!
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Next thing you know,,, He will want your numbers...LOL Good for both of you
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My Secretary's husband did that couple weeks ago with his boat.

She was telling me about it, told ANYONE that has boated long enough has done it before.

I will put mine in and check it TWICE before launching
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I always have a spare plug in my first aid kit/flare box and one in the cup holder of the truck. It's not that I might need it, it may be someone else.
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your a real stand up guy for a lurker
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I am grateful for the many "Lurkers" in my life who have helped me. Thanks for a great feel good story to start my day.
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Everyone has done it.
Trust story. Hired a Capt. to take me out for 1st time in brand new boat.
I backed it down the ramp while he has at the helm. Watch as bilge pump starts shooting water out. Got the boat almost off the trailer before we all realized what was going on. Scrambled to get it back on the trailer.
We had both talked about the plug but neither of us confirmed the other had put it in.
Took a few minutes to gather our thoughts and then on our way.
That didn't happen again - but other stuff did!
Good on you for helping that kid.
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I did it a few months ago. I have a pre-launch routine that I go through in the staging area. My daughter and her boyfriend were going to meet us at the dock. It just so happened that they showed up in the middle of my routine. I hugged them, exchanged pleasantries, then launched the boat. None of them were familiar with the parking layout, so I had them wait with the boat while I parked. As I was walking back to the boat I went over my pre-launch in my mind. I had a sinking feeling that I had forgotten. I arrived at the boat expecting the bilge pump to be working overtime. It wasn't. I opened the inspection hatch to find a full bilge. With them holding onto my ankles, I leaned over the stern to screw in the plug. I flipped the bilge switch and we waited there a good 10 minutes while it pumped out. We could say that I was testing my float switch, but I just dumbassed it. As part of my idling out of the harbor routine, I always check the bilge to make sure nothing is leaking and to listen to the hum of the pump. I give myself a few opportunities to trap errors.
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Been there and have the tee shirt to prove it, was taking my brother out and he disrupted my routine and I simply for got the plug for about 15 mins...

Good job helping a new boater out and not bashing him like so many do these days!!!!

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Yeah, when I first started I'd check that plug 5 times before I launched my boat.
One of MY first mistakes was not unhooking my transom straps . I must have backed up and hit that damned brake 6 times before I realized why the boat wouldn't come off the damned trailer .

Good on you OP for doing the right thing
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Go down the checklist .just like pilots do.
I know Im gonna screw up soon.
Too much 60's if ya dig me.
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