Water Bottle Caution

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Default Water Bottle Caution

Please read below.
This may be very true... Check out the bottom of the water bottle you are using, you'll see a triangle symbol and PET written below.
Some more info on the plastic bottles...
Did you know chemical released by plastic water bottles can cause cancer (It is not the water that affecting you but the chemical releasing from the bottle)

How to avoid:
Check on the bottom of the bottle there is a triangle sign and there will be a number on it. If the number is higher than or equal to 5 --> then this bottle is safe to use. Whatever number under 5 will release the chemical. For most bottle water, the number is 1. Remember to check and stop reuses those bottles
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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

Add to your favorites Garett.
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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

I thought it was just my wifes friends that e-mailed this stuff around. Think about it. Water bottles that are not safe to drink from?
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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

sounds like another urban myth...................... total bs....................
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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

Greater danger from bacterial contamination.
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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

I have some personal experience with this. I was overseas and drank some waterthat had been sitting in a non refridgerated storage too long. Slowly I began to get sicker and sicker. First could not keep food or drink down (or up if you know what I mean) then started to vomit blood and rapidly lose weight. I lost almost 30 lbs in the first week. My body was completely de-hydrated, imagine that from drinking water. Come to find out the dye they used to make the water bottle blue in color had an issue. If it sat at a certain temperature(Or above) in water over any extended period of time, it would begin to break down. So when I drank all of that water while I was working, I was actually ingesting plastic particles from the bottle. It took the Doc at the embassy some time to figure out what it was. I had to have IV's and it took a long time to recover from. When I came home my doc here in Charleston had to check my blood every few weeks to see if there was a build up of what was left of the material I had injested. After doing some research I found that this is a big problem outside of the United States and Canada(Mostly 3rd world and middle east) because of the lack of standards during manufacturing. Since then I stick to the top shelf water brands when outside of the US.

Don't mean to burst the Urban legend thing...but it happened to me.


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Default Re: Water Bottle Caution

I dont have to read "Snopes" to know that little number just means what bin to throw it in at the recycling center...
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