Shocking Update.

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Default Shocking Update.

Itís been about 2 months from the ďNearly FatalĒ, or so Iím told, zap.
The chunk of skin from my little finger has grown back and there is a new round patch on my wrist that is still devoid of fur. Electrolysis works.
What I found interesting is that the Doc decided that he could find out what damage has been done by sticking electrodes to my arms and reshocking me.
I am really sick of being told how lucky I am by all the Docs, lab techs, nurses and therapists. If Iím that lucky why didnít I win the lottery, or better yet not get shocked in the first place.
5 more rounds of physical therapy and I should be done. I have augmented my physical therapy with fishing therapy and attempted golf therapy but got rained out before the first tee.
The fishing therapy has worked best and I was rewarded with 2 sweet pancakes with my 8 foot that put about 100 menhaden in the livewell this weekend.
I can mow and trim the grass with out a break now but still get winded dragging gas back to the boat. Maybe when your 51 you are suppose to feel that way. But Iím going to fight my way back.
I have found a good low impact aerobic exercise. I fire up the Brownie and jump into the pool with a 4 inch SS brush and sweep the bottom. Great time to relax and reflect.
Maybe if I didnít have to work I would recover faster.
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Default Re: Shocking Update.

Luck has many forms, winning the lottery would do you no good at all if life didn't exist for you today!

To take the hit you did and for the effects to last as long as they have, you are one lucky dude man! I hope you've bowed to the heavens at least once since your wake up call.

So what's the therapy for? How sore are the joints can how complete is this pain?
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Default Re: Shocking Update.


The shock effects in this instance have been very insidious.
Hit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday no noticeable ill effects. Monday marked reduction in strength and endurance. Mussel pain in arms and across chest when resting. Wednesday after 12 hour workday I felt like I was having a heart attack so I took a shower and went to the ER.
EKG and labs came back normal. Was given a scrip for pain meds and sent home with recommendation to see a Neurologist.
I went to see the same Doc that fused my neck and after the work comp folks OKed it had an initial consultation where he surmised that I had lost about 30 to 40 % of my strength. For the next few weeks even taking a shower would wear me out.
Iím gaining on it but the few little things like opening a pouch of chips where finger strength is needed I still have trouble with. My secretary thinks I may have mental issues as well.
I know that retirement is looking better each day.
PT is for returning strength to arms, wrist and hands.
As to the luck aspect, every day I wake up is my lucky day. If there is a divine purpose for my existence on this earth it hasnít happened yet. If I was a cat I would have been long gone after my many attempts to tempt fate.
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